Friday, September 23, 2011

Last day of summer - my summer recap

Yesterday was officially the last day of summer, although it felt like summer left us last week. I am not quite ready for Autumn, actually I am not a fan of the cold so I am dreading the long winter ahead of us. Today as we welcome the first day of Fall, I want to look back on my summer of '11.

Favorite food - chips and salsa
Favorite drink - Pornstar shots (at Vogue Supper Club)
Favorite song - Give Me Everything, Pitbull and Ne-Yo
Favorite TV show -Entourage
Favorite hairstyle - Fishtail side braid
Favorite nail polish - gold with black shattered
Favorite beauty item -Inglot AMC gel eyeliner
Favorite hangout - Alice Fazooli's patio on Thursday nights ($4 Stellas)
Favorite summer read - The Help

Some of my memorable moments:
  • My mom's month long visit
  • Trip to Punta Cana with Mike to celebrate our 5 year anniversary
  • Trip to Las Vegas with Maur, Kat, Steph, Elisse and Reni
  • Ponce Pool Parties
Hope you also had a wonderful summer! What are some of your summer favorites and most memorable moments?


inHERshoes said...

you and i are the sooo much the same about fall. summer is my favorite season. i've always liked "give me everything" but i never had it on repeat like it's going out of style until our AS sound track. vegas is definitely (and will always be) one of my favorite moments, not just this summer but for a long time :)

Anonymous said...

i don't mind the fall but i totally dread the winter. i actually like fall clothes and fashion but i wish after fall, it would go back to summer because i lurve the summer!

fav summer moments: AS vegas trip of course, starting our basement renos (so glad they're done!), outings with the family to wonderland, the petting zoo etc; happy hour fridays!

let's hope we have a warm fall and a not so cold winter

Elisse said...

I like this post - especially because I know how much you like summer.

Our trip to Vegas and my other trip to San Diego were definitely summer highlights :)

bananas. said...

your favorite song is my favorite song! :)

and you really can't go wrong with chips & salsa. yummo.

Shutterbug said...

If you like, you can stop by my blog and check out the post I did about you! It is titled Special Post: Look what I got in the mail. ;)