Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nail Art: white picket fence

I asked my husband, "what do you call this nail design?"

His answer: White Picket Fence

--- I'll go with that.

I did my nails quickly while watching Jersey Shore one Thursday night and I couldn't think of anything creative so I applied the criss-cross pattern and then added Cheeky Monkey Dancing Queen. I am not very pleased with the application, it's all crooked but as they say, practice makes perfect.


Kathy said...

i think it looks neat. i'm just starting to wear polish on my finger nails so this is a bit too advanced for me! i can barely put polish on with my left hand :s

rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

That is so awesome!What patience! While watching Jersey Shore to boot!I would have been too distracted!

The Girlie Blog said...

LOL. Hubbies will never understand. I think your nails look fab.

Shutterbug said...

LOL! Men!! Nice nails! Did it take you long?

Luisa Rodríguez said...

It is perfect!
They look awesome. I'm afraid I'm not that talented.. :(
At least your husband doesn't almost throw up every time he smells nail polish :P

Beautiful blog. Hope you could come visit me too sometime.

bananas. said...

looks tedious! you should be proud...i could never do that.

oh and ps. i call white fishnet.

Lin said...

Super cute! I could never do it though cause I lack the patience :/

Elisse said...

I think this my favorite nail-look on you!