Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's up with me...

I know I last posted on Tuesday but I will admit, the last couple of posts were all scheduled posts. I was inspired over the weekend. Anyway, here are some tidbit with what's been going on with me...

Guess where I will be spending Christmas??? Yup, New York City. It will be my first time ever going to NYC.  I'm excited but not that excited yet because it's still months away. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am not a fan of Christmas. I dread the day and I usually end up crying at some point on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. To fix this, hubby thinks that I should experience Christmas in New York and maybe it will change my feelings about the holidays. So if you live in New York or have been to New York, please leave me a comment on suggestions for shopping, tourist attractions or restaurants we should go to.

I signed up for yet another swap. I joined Join the Gossip's Favorite Things Swap and received my swap partner's info on the weekend. I almost have the package ready to go. But I just signed up for Kaileen Elise's Sparkle Swap. It's not too late to join, just sign up by Saturday. I also am signed up for the 3rd Annual Tea Trade over at Gussying up the Tuttle - you still have some time to sign up! So, yes, I love joining swaps. It's a great way to meet new bloggers and receive some cool things via snail mail. I have only had one bad experience with a book swap. I sent over books to my swap partner but never received anything in return. I even followed up and emailed my partner to see if she received my books but no answer. That's okay, it's not going to deter me from joining other swaps/exchanges.

I signed up for an introductory sewing class at The Sewing Studio. I start on Monday and once I complete the eight classes, I can cross off another one off my 34 for 34 list and will leave with a zippered pouch, drawstring bag and a custom design skirt. I'm so excited and I am glad I got the courage to take a class on my own.

I saw The Help over the long weekend and it was a great movie. I would definitely read the book first and if you are wondering, the movie probably follows the book 90% to the tee. My hubby watched it with me and he couldn't stop raving how good of a movie it was. Before the movie, I saw some trailers of movies that I must see - Breaking Dawn (Part 1), New Year's Eve and The Vow.

Now in other boring kind of news...a team member of my department resigned today. My boss hasn't announced it but my colleague told me while I was getting some coffee in the kitchen. But really, I knew all along that she was going on interviews. Good for her. She needed to get out of there. I now need to gear myself up that in two weeks time, it will be hectic at work because I will have to start doing some of her job which is entering registrations. Fun <-- in the most sarcastic tone ever.

Lastly, let me tell you that Zico Coconut Water (in mango or pina tropicale) mixed with orange juice is awesome. Healthy and refreshing.

p.s. I added a new page tab up at the top. I am starting to compile a list of restaurants I want to go to, you know a resto bucket list. Do you have one?


becca. said...

AHHH I've always wanted to spend time in NYC over the holidays. We lived 3 hours away growing up and I never went. Also, I would love to take a sewing class. Sounds fun!

inHERshoes said...

i love your new background! NYC is fun, i've only been there at other times of the year, not christmas but i bet it is gonna be soo fun, with all the lights!

The Girlie Blog said...

So jealous! I also love New York City!

Anonymous said...

NYC is the best! so much to do and see.

head over to Rockefeller center to see the tree (gorgeous) and maybe do some skating; then head to soho for some great shopping. you can even pop by dean and deluca for a coffee and pretend that you're part of the show Felicity hehe.

chelsea has some great restaurants and for the ultimate bargain shopping center, go to century 21 by ground zero. we're talking about 8 floors of designer shopping goodness and dirt cheap shoes/accessories!

you can pass by barneys (or is it bloomingdales?) to see their fab window displays, go to fao schwartz and see their awesome toy setup, central park (during the day) for a nice walk.

oh, so jealous! I LOVE NYC!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

I've never been to NYC either! You will have a blast I'm sure and I can live through you ;)

Good for you for signing up for the sewing classes, hope you post about them, I think I can only sign up after my trip in October.

lisa said...

You'll love New York; it's a city I always want to return to time and again.

Marz said...

I am SO excited for you!! I know how hard Christmas is for you and I think Mike is right in taking you there for the holidays. I was in NYC in May and I absolutely loved it!!! I always thought it would be so neat to go during Thanksgiving or Christmas time. I would love to see the huge Christmas tree and all the holiday displays. I look forward to seeing your photos! :) There is SO much to see and do in NYC. I absolutely loved the view from Top of the Rock and loved being in Central Park. I'm so jealous - I wish I could meet you there!

I think that is so neat you're taking a sewing class and crossing something off your list. I was going to take a cooking class because I can't cook a thing, but I just haven't signed up yet. Maybe next month :)

I still haven't seen "The Help" yet but definitely plan on going because of all the good reviews I have heard. I just got back from seeing Matt Damon's new movie "Contagion" and I loved it. I saw the trailer for the new "Mission Impossible" and I can't wait to see that :)

Have a great weekend Leesh! xo

Shutterbug said...

Lucky you! You will definitely have a ton of fun! There's lots to see and do. You don't need a tour book or anything. Just go wandering! :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I've never been to NYC myself, but that would be a totally different yet awesome experience to spend some time elsewhere. I do hope that you enjoy your Christmas in a new area. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm reading The Help right now and I can't wait to see the movie, I've heard it's really good!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lucky girl! I've never been to NYC and want to go SO bad! Can't wait to see all the beautiful pics you are going to take :)

I hope this swap is great for you - you deserve it!! I know your partner emailed me the other day saying she is super excited, so I'm pretty sure you won't be let down this time!

Micaela said...

oh to go to NYC during christmas time would be a dream come true!!! i bet the city is even more magical then... you're going to have to tell me EVERYTHING! :)

aw i wish i had joined the favorite things swap! i love a good swap-- even if i've been let down like you with the books swap (and prob one of the swaps i was MOST looking forward to!) and another swap kind of like "the favorites." who does that?!

but i'm excited about the "sparkle swap!" who knows? maybe we'll get each other ;)

i dream of taking a sewing class!!! sometimes when i'm out thrifting, there's so many things that i wish i could hem up or take-in. i want a sewing machine, even though i don't even know how to use it! oooh leesh! video tutorials -- they should be in your future when it comes to what you're learning ;) ha!

"The Help"- it was AMAZING!!! it's the one book i ran out of time to read before the movie. :P


Lin said...

Swaps are SO much fun! I signed up for the favorite things one & sent out my package this morning. Hopefully snail mail will get in to her before next Monday :)

I think I need a sewing class. All I can sew is a button lol.

Kristen said...

I love NYC, and I would probably love it more if I could go there during Christmas!

bananas. said...

i'm so jealous!!! i've been telling dave that i want to go back to NYC for christmas. maybe, just maybe, he'll let me! (not that i need approval but assurance is always nice)

Elisse said...

Glad you've made plans for Christmas :) I would imagine that Christmas in NYC is magical :)

I'm such a swapaholic too!