Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Memories: Morning Glory

One morning, I had a twitter rant about some smelly person on the bus or train. This sparked my sister-in-law to tweet me to spray some Morning Glory. I burst into laughter and only she and I would be able to laugh at this. See, back when I first met my hubby, I hung out with his sister a lot. We would sometimes be on the subway and encounter a very nasty smell. Me, with no shame at all, would immediately spray my purse-size Calgon Morning Glory body mist. This was my go-to perfume, as well as an air freshener on public transportation.

Just today, there was some disgusting smell from when we moved some office furniture around. The stench almost made me puke. I then proceeded to use some air freshener I found lying around, plus some Lysol disinfecting spray. This totally pissed off many people in my office, especially my boss (who was appalled and gave me crap when I told her that I Lysol the soles of my shoes when I get home - she says it contains too many chemicals - but there's so much disgusting stuff on the sidewalks). I don't care if it bothered everyone, at least I prevented them from smelling that combination of crap, barf and stinky feet. They will thank me one day.

Yes, I am that person who will do anything to mask nasty odors. I will use body spray, hair spray, hand cream, anything I can get my hands on to get rid of the smell. So, when my sister-in-law, brought up Morning Glory, I just had to giggle remembering the times I would spray the body mist all around the subway.


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of the time we were flying back from turks and someone took off their shoes and STANK UP THE ENTIRE PLANE it was not funny. it smelled like putrid cheese and even the airline people were walking up and down the aisle fanning their face, i buried my nose in my hair and this one girl actually sprayed perfume right into her face haha!

Lin said...

Did they really give you shit for thinking of them & saving their nostrils from that awful smell? What jerks, haha. I'm a huge fan of Lysol (only the lemon kind though), chemicals or not it's totally getting used ;)

Steph S C-O said...

Lol!!! Ah morning glory!!!! Funny times! I kinda miss it.

Elisse said...

Oh gawd I was one of those girls! Then when everyone started using that, I shifted to Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger - LOL