Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals (and a November recap)

My fellow blogger, Elisse suggested that I recap and see how I did with my November goals. So here we are at the first of the month and I am happy to tell you guys that I did not have coffee once this month! I splurged on David's Tea and kept drinking tea (I really tried to drink caffeine-free most of the time) every day. But this morning, the first thing I did when I reached Union Station, I walked over to Starbucks, used the gift card Elisse sent me and got a tall toffee nut lactose-free Americano Misto and boy was it ever delicious!!!!

I had three other goals, one of them I completely forgot about - trying new healthy recipes. The other two, not painting my nails for two weeks, CHECK and running on the treadmill or doing Pilates once a week...I utterly FAILED on this one. I do have a fitness plan to put into place for my December goals and I hope it works out. So with that said, from now on, I only plan to set three goals a month for myself.

This month is going to be a tough one because I will be in New York over the holidays so I won't be setting a goal about eating healthy. Since I cut coffee out, I will try to continue to leave it out (with the exception of a coffee today and one on my birthday-hey it's free from Starbucks). I had my fix this morning so I will try to maintain the no coffee rule. 
  • I will start today my 24 Days of Christmas. It will be sort of an advent calendar but I will have to fulfill five things every day. This will be my first goal, to blog everyday for 24 days straight. Each day, I will have to blog about the following:
    • Tea of the day
    • Exercise of the day
    • Good deed of the day
    • Christmas song of the day
    • Eye candy of the day
  • Start to keep a journal with ideas, inspiration and thoughts. Candice from Tea Thoughts sent me a beautiful journal so I might as well make use of it. Elisse inspired me to do this because she writes in her journal daily.
  • Apply hand, foot and body lotion every night before I go to sleep and also in the morning. I get lazy in the winter and end up all dry and scaly, it's not a pretty sight. I don't want to let myself go during these hibernation months. I have stocked up on moisturizing body products-soaps, body butters and buffers, as well as lots of hand lotions and foot creams.

    What goals have you set for yourself this month? 


Elisse said...

I'm a bit behind on blog commenting, so don't mind my comment-bombing tonight.

Good luck with meeting your December goals!

Kasey Lynne said...

These are great Leesh!! And good for you for sticking with the no coffee goal.

We're always here to encourage you girl. You can do it!!