Saturday, November 12, 2011

I spy with my little eye (v1)

Yesterday afternoon, my two coworkers and I looked at photos of the world's cutest dog, Boo the dog. I am not a dog person but if I were to get a dog, I would want one just like Boo. And yes, Boo the dog is real. Watch this cute video of him falling asleep.

You all know I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, well check out this hot werewolf.

I'm in love with all things sparkly, would sparkly Chuck Taylors be over the top?

A Barbie doll with tattoos, yes please!

There were people out there who shot down The Change Up but these types of movies should be rated or reviewed, it is what it is...a comedy, not an oscar-worthy movie. This movie was much more funnier than The Hangover 2 and Bridemaids. If you need something to watch this weekend, I would recommend this one.

Who knew butter could taste so good? Last month, I was introduced to whey butter from Stirling Creamery. I can't wait for when they start selling their goat cheese butter at Whole Foods Market.

A metal hurricane sleeve from Bath & Body Works would brighten up a room during the holiday season. Some of my favorite candle scents - Gingerbread, Spice, 'Tis the Season and Winter Wonderland.

Six more days until Breaking Dawn...I've got my ticket, do you have yours?


Anonymous said...

is that dog for real? no can't be, that's no dog; it's one of those battery operated dogs. i know because kayla has one and his name is LemonChin. one word.

cranberryportage said...

The first time we saw BOO on TV, I had to find all the different video and watched every one I can find.
I totally agree, I would want one too but like you I am not willing to clean up after a dog.
But I am not sure how you can watch all those Twilight stuff-that's a nightmare waiting to happen.

Nikolett said...

OMG, that dog. It's like a real life teddy bear, ahhhh. And love that it's falling asleep to a Muse song :D And I've had "The Change-Up" downloaded for a couple of weeks but haven't gotten around to it, I'll definitely watch it this weekend :) And err, still don't have my ticket 'cause I'm avoiding it the first couple of weekends lol. Let me know how it is! (P.S. I enjoyed 'Immortals'!)