Monday, November 28, 2011

I spy with my little eye (v2)

Eye candy first. Immortals is a movie that I typical would not want to go and watch. Especially after many people told me how gory it is. But since Mike wanted to watch it, I would never turn down a movie date with my husband. Although there was a lot of blood shed and heads cut off, the shirtless hotties truly made up for it.

Every day earrings. Marc by Marc Jacobs heart brass and crystal stud earrings.

Holiday glitter polish. Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started limited edition.

Perfect set from Benefit Cosmetics. The Big 10. I would use every single products in this set.

Candy Cane cheesecake, yes please!

If I had an iPad, I would get this case from J. Crew.


lisa said...

The Benefit kit is so cute! Even the mini versions would last a long time.

FLARE featured this set on their website today:

So tempting even though I have more than enough makeup.

Shutterbug said...

i would watch the Immortals for all the hot guys!! ;P

Amy Rene said...

oh, I love those earrings!! so pretty!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

pretty earrings! and talking about man-candy, i had a dream last night about bradley cooper which was weird because i never dream about celebrities. YUM :D

Marz said...

My husband wants to see this too because he LOVED "300" - it's funny because I can't do violent movies (think "Goodfellas" kind of violent - movies with a lot of guns and gangs etc) but I can watch movies that are gory in this kind of way (like "Braveheart" - one of my all time favourite movies!). I can't wait to see it after the pics you posted :) I certainly enjoy some nice eye candy :)

Elisse said...

I almost got the Big 10 set - it looks pretty sweet. Maybe pick it up when you're in NYC?

Kasey Lynne said...

I am sending the links for both the earrings and the ipad case over to Mr. Wonderful....Christmas gift ideas????? Hahahahah girl you're just hookin' me UP with all these great things!!!