Monday, November 7, 2011

Mattel Game On!

Back in July, Elizabeth contacted me and sent over a Mattel Game On! Kit. The kit included everything I needed to host a company-wide game social - a game board, prizes, Game On! party cups, Game On! party coasters, 1 USB and two Game On! Summer Guides. Now since the people in my company aren't that fun, I thought I should play with friends one time and then another with my crazy in-laws. Well, summer came, and it went but summer fun doesn't have to stop when summer ends. On the Halloween weekend, my husband's friends were getting together and I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get our "game on".

As we get older, and start to have kids, it's very hard to get a group of friends together, let alone without their kids. And then when we do get together, the chatter ends up being about the kids. Well, on this night (with the exception of one kid, who pre-occupied himself with xbox), we got to be adults and play an adult board game.

Enter Bezzerwizzer...a name of the game that none of us could pronounce (oddly enough, this weekend, one of girls saw a Bezzerwizzer commerical). Since we were all couples, we decided that we would divide the teams as couples (we all secretly hoped for one of the couples to get into a fight, and it happened). After reading the rules, we got our Bezzerwizzer on. I am not sure how you get your "game on" but we like to bend the rules a bit or just make up our own rules. The game begins by each team picking four category tiles and placing them on the game card in order of preference. You will want to put the category you know most about last because you get more points. When you answer a question correctly, you will get to move the number of spaces according to your game card.

This game is like trivial pursuit and can really test your knowledge about every category. What makes the game different from other trivial games is the fact that you can "bezzerwizzer" or "zwap". Bezzerwizzer is a tile that you can play to challenge the team who is answering a question for their category. Basically you want to play this tile if you feel you are more knowledgeable about that particular category. A Zwap tile can be played to swap one of your category tiles for another team's tile. You will want to choose one of their category tiles you know a lot about and give them one your category tiles you know nothing about.

We played one round and my hubby and I won. But since I was hosting this game social, I couldn't win one of the prizes, so we did a sudden death round. First team to answer a correct question wins...and here's the winners with their prize.

Since I have one more prize, I hope to play with my sibling-in-laws and their other half. We always have a good time playing board games.

Thanks to my hubby's friends for playing and allowing me to take pictures of them. A special thanks to Elizabeth for sending over the Game On! kit. I truly apologize that it took so long for me to host a game social. After this one night, we realized that as adults, we should play board games more often because it makes us more interactive and social.


Anonymous said...

oooo i would kick ass in the technology & TV section.

Girlie Blogger said...

Looks like a totally fun game. Yes we all need an adult night at times.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Um, I love board games!! How fun! And it's obvious you all had a great time :)

Very cool!

Jessica said...

This looks like so much fun! I absolutely adore board games - we need to play them more often!

Sandy a la Mode said...

looks like so much fun! i love a good board game night with friends once in awhile!!

Shutterbug said...

I love board games! They are so much fun and they bring out the kid in all of us!

Lin said...

How fun! I think I'll have to buy this game for the us to play sometime. The hubs loves board, christmas present maybe?

Love the photos of all you guys having fun!

Kasey Lynne said...

How fun!!!

Board games are the best...unless if it's Monopoly. I'm a sore loser when it comes to that dumb game bahaha!