Friday, November 18, 2011

Movie thoughts: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

I wrote Movie thoughts as my post title instead of movie review because we all know what it's about. Instead, I will just give my thoughts without giving anything away.

After seeing the trailer and reading the first half of the book (I quickly re-read it this week before watching the movie today), I wasn't quite sure what the movie would entail. But there is so much more scenes than what the trailer was showing. I liked the movie. Breaking Dawn was my favorite book of the saga and it's probably because it's the first one I read (My MIL found the book in a rental car, gave it to me and said, "maybe you should read this. I don't like it, it's about vampires), so the movie might just also be my favorite movie of the saga.

Yes, I did go and watch it by myself, it's tradition for me to watch it on my own on opening day. I opted out of watching the very first show even though I bought a ticket for the 12 pm (it was a PD day, no school for kids) so there was a bunch of teens running and screaming around the building. Instead, I found a theatre for the next showing that was quiet and filled with couple, girlfriends and mothers & daughters. Here are some of the things I liked about the movie, don't worry, I am not giving anything away or spoiling it for you:

  •  OMG, Jacob looks hot now, he's older, still buff. When he comes to Edward and Bella's wedding, I love on him the disheveled look, messy clothes and scruff on his face.
  • The wedding ceremony (location and how it's decorated) is beautiful.
  • I love how they played Flightless Bird, American Mouth and Bella's Lullaby during the wedding scenes.
  •  Honeymoon location, Isle Esme is so picturesque, wherever it may really be.
  •  Bedroom/Honeymoon/sex/breaking the bed scene was cheesy.
  • Cullen's House is gorgeous, I want to live in a house like that.
  • Acting in the movie is way better than all the other movies. Bella isn't annoying and she doesn't do that shuddering thing <--you know what I mean.
  • The pack (in their wolf form) talking to each other was the most cheesiest part of the movie for me.
  • Seth, the youngest member of the pack is adorable. I love this guy, he's sweet caring and funny!
  • I was a little squeamish about the part when Bella gives birth, a little disturbing in my opinion.
And this is my favorite song from the movie:

When you watch the movie, don't forget to stay until after the ending credits, there's a small scene at the end. I was warned about it so I stayed and giggled to myself as most of the people walked out.

Did you watch Breaking Dawn? What did you think of it?


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Girlie Blogger said...

Ok. I am so tempted to go see it now. And yes, the young wolf is adorable.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Ahhhh do jealous you saw it! I saw all the other ones opening day around 4pm in mostly empty theatres while teenaged girls were lined up for the evening shows LOL! The girlfriend I usually go with just had a baby so I was without my partner in crime this time :(

Kasey Lynne said...

I still need to go see it! I tried to read all of the books before this one came out, but oh well. Didn't get ANYWHERE close. And I would hate to read the books after I've seen the movies.

Mr. Wonderful said he would see this with me if I saw The Muppets with him hahaha fair trade I would say since I'm not a huge muppets fan.