Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sally Hanson Salon Effects: Laced Up

Part of my November goals was to not wear nail polish for two weeks. I was doing so well, only I received a phone call that my hubby and I needed to go to a photo shoot. Our photo will be in a magazine because of our travel blog, Beach Junkies. I will let you know what magazine and issue (and page #) when I receive more info.

Well, if you know me, you know that I hate to be seen without my nails all done up. In keeping with the "no polish for two weeks" goal, I decided to try out Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish strips. I thought I was being smart but it turns out, the strips is made of real polish so I'm cheating. I am technically wearing nail polish, at least it's Day 12.

I totally didn't put on the thumb strip on properly
I picked up Laced Up for $10.99. It looks so easy to apply and it is, except when it came time to apply the strips to my right hand (I'm right handed). After applying to all ten nails, I used the hair dryer to smooth them out and make them adhere more to my nail. I finished it off with a top coat. Now, let's just see how long it lasts. If it all works out, I plan to use Glitz Blitz for my birthday and Frock Star for when I go to NYC.

UPDATE: An hour into putting these strips on, the corners started to peel off and catch on everything. I am getting so annoyed. I either didn't wipe my nail enough with polish remover or the strips just are not adhering to my nail. I much rather have my nails painted with polish and then chip a day or two later. The strips peeling off are worse than chipped nails.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I got a lot of compliments on my nails. Maybe I will try another pattern if I find the strips on sale. I don't think it's worth the $11 I paid. It's more than a bottle of polish. I have had them on for four days and they are really chipped. The bonus is, because there so much of a design with a nude base, it's not that noticeable. I am taking off the polish strips now, and it takes quite a bit of scrubbing.


Kathy said...

boo. don't you hate having to remove polish because it's just not going on well? it looked pretty in the picture though.

inHERshoes said...

that's a bummer, but that looks pretty cool! i know you and i hate having chipped nail polish and oh my goodness, i've been watching youtube lately and all these people with chipped nail polishes! not pretty at all! like seriously, it's not even like a small chip, it's like half of the polish is gone!

Joanne said...

Those look pretty cool! But it does suck how they don't last very long.
Have you heard/tried gel/shellac nails? Heard lots of good things about it. It's apparently better than acrylic. Thinking of trying them out.
Can't wait to see photos from your photoshoot! :)

jessica {creative index} said...

i've been wanting to try these! i've heard mix reviews though... some love them and some not so much...

Elisse said...

Too bad they didn't have the longevity you were hoping for - but knowing you, I bet you could replicate something using real polishes :P

Kasey Lynne said...

Congrats on getting to be in a magazine! That's awesome.

Bummer that the strips didn't stick very long...I can only imagine how annoying that is. But the lace one is SO pretty!