Sunday, December 4, 2011

24 Days of Christmas: Day 5

Tea of the day | Countess of Seville (organic)
This green tea is scented with bergamot, orange oil, cornflowers and orange zest. Although it smells really good, it's just like an earl grey scented with oranges. Not a favorite for me.

Exercise of the day | Six minute Pilates Upper Body Workout
Six minutes...that's all I need to start to tone my arms. This quick workout is perfect for us who simply don't have time to work out.

Good deed of the day | Talking to the new girl at work
This morning my team was introduced to "S" and that was it. We had no idea that she was a new employee or even what department she is working in. We had clients booked in our classroom space today, so we thought that we were being introduced to a client contact. Anyway, we figured out that she was a new employee when in the afternoon, she came to our cubicles to say that our department seems like so much fun (we were discussing last night's Kourtney & Kim Take New York episode). Damn Skippy our department is fun! Anyway, my good deed of the day was that I went over to her cubicle to talk to her a bit more and make her feel welcome as she got the worst introduction ever!

Christmas song of the day | Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Christina Aguilera & Brian McKnight
Christinas kills this song and the bonus is Brian McKnight is one of my favorite singer. The two of their voices together just blend so well together for this Christmas song.

Eye candy of the day | Paul Walker
Doesn't he look dapper in a suit, although he looks much better like this.


inHERshoes said...

i almost forgot how much i love brian mcknight! i saw him in concert when i was living in L.A. he is a classic, and yes to paul walker!

Girlie Blogger said...

Awww so nice of you to talk to the new kid on the block.

Paul Walker - I can't think of a better choice for Day 5.

Shutterbug said...

i remember when xtina was that small! oh how times have changed! And paul walker is definitely some eye candy!

Anonymous said...

what happened to xtina? she looks like snooki now :/

Anonymous said...

awesome that you went to her cubicle :)

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

My work is the worst at intros. They never introduce people to ANYONE unless they are in your department, meanwhile all departments are kind of squished into one area and since our company is fairly small at some point you will HAVE to deal with each and every single department. Soooo don't understand that!