Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love the hair donut

Thanks to the lovely Samantha for showing me the HAIR DONUT. I made my hair donut two nights ago from my hubby's black tube sock. He was a bit upset that I wanted to cut up his dri-fit Nike socks but I had to use a black sock since my hair is dark.

Let me tell you that this is the best invention ever. I wish I had known about this sooner because it makes it easier for me to whip up a bun. With this hair donut, all I need to do is pull my hair into a high ponytail, tease my hair a bit, place the hair donut at the ends holding it high up in the air, try to wrap the hair around the donut and proceed to roll and twist the donut down while ensuring that my hair wraps nicely around the donut. It's just that easy but if the way I described it is too confusing, check out this video (watch around the 3:55 mark). Just look how perfect and voluminous it looks and I did it all by myself!

"My anaconda don't want none / Unless you've got buns, hun" - Sir Mix-a-Lot

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Lorax


I have never read the book nor do I know what The Lorax is all about but I definitely want to see this movie. Maybe it has to do with all the colourful visuals in the movie or maybe it's because Zac Efron's voice is in it (did you see him and Taylor Swift serenade Ellen?).


I will take some time this weekend to find out what the Lorax is all about although sometimes, it's fun going into a movie not knowing anything about it. FYI - I read The Hunger Games not knowing the storyline and it was a great read!

So to get everyone else in a Lorax mood, here are some fun links:

And I will leave you with the trailer to watch if you haven't seen it already. Happy weekending!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Style Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is one of my style inspirations. I remember when I first started to see the previews for The City, I was in awe with how pretty she is. She is well-mannered, well put together and just a beauty. I love her classic style and simplicity. Back in the day on The City, she had gorgeous long wavy hair that I wanted so bad. And then when news hit that she cut her hair, I was devastated but I have to admit, the short wavy hair still suits her. Either way, she still looks good.

And then I see this...

What the heck is she wearing and what was she thinking when she put this outfit together? I was quite disappointed when I saw her wearing this at the Jonathan Saunders show. This is the first time that I just didn't fall in love with her outfit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's okay... be shocked at Whitney Houston's sudden death but not surpised that it happened. All of her songs bring back my youth and I do believe she is one of the greatest but after Bobby Brown, she went on a downhill spiral. not hate on Chris Brown. Well, yes, I should hate on him because of what he did to Rihanna, but if she can forgive him, then maybe we can cut him a little slack. <-- I know you are probably going to hate me or stop following me because I said that but we are all entitled to our own opinion, right? like Rihanna's new single CAKE, and yes, it features Chris Brown. crave for donuts all the time. hate your bangs one month and then love it the next. I made a bold move with my bangs in December. I cut longer sides and then I regret it all through the rest of the month and all of January. I went to get them trimmed this weekend and all is well back in my hair world. hate on a certain Etsy shop for not answering conversation threads during the holidays but then ordering from them because you tried one more time and they got back to you! not blog as much as before and know that inspiration will come knocking again soon. say that you don't eat red meat but stuff your face with bacon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Daily Makeup Routine

For some time now, I wanted to do a post on my makeup routine and then this weekend, I found a cool way to do this post via Geniabeme's blog. Here are all the items I use on a daily basis. What are some products that you use daily?

Monday, February 20, 2012

CD Listening Party

On Sunday, our friends, Rich and Gina invited Mike and I over for dinner at their house. They moved into their house almost two years ago and ever since, we have been bugging them to invite us over. We got a tour of their house and then sat down to eat and catch up. We reminisced about our crew hanging out back in the day, how Gina and Rich met and were in awe that Rich and I have known each other for 20 years now. We also talked about potentially going on vacation together if timing and budget works out. Rich and Gina are one of the only couples left in our crew who are still child-less so it makes hanging out a bit easier (Please don't get me wrong, I love all my friend's kids and I love spending time with them but everyone is in different stages in their lives so Rich, Gina, Mike and I just happen to be at that married with no kids stage - I think a blogger called it DINK, Dual Income No Kids).

After we finished dinner, we moved into the living and proceeded with what I like to call the "CD Listening Party". Gina is one of those remaining people who still buys CDs and still has a stereo to play them on. Mike and I went through her whole collection and got excited with the CDs we discovered. The one that I couldn't get over was the Baby Blue Soundcrew album. Every single song reminded me of my early 20s and my clubbing phase. We listened to the entire CD as we continued to catch up and chair danced or bopped our head. I wish I could some how post up the entire album on my blog but unfortunately, I can only include some ghetto You Tube videos of my favorite songs off of the album.

It was really nice to hang out with Rich and Gina. I discovered that I am a lot like Gina (we keep, I should really say treasure, everything and have a hard time letting go of things) and Rich and Mike put together is trouble!!! They are both so corny and FOBulous. I look forward to hopefully going on vacation with them and many more CD listening parties.

Mike, me, Gina and Rich at their 2009 wedding

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vday gift to me (and my nails)

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, and I don't think Mike and I have done dinner or any of that cheesy stuff in ages. What I usually do is buy a Valentine's gift for myself (I don't need a man to buy me anything, lol). Last year, I bought myself a Rose Gold Fossil watch and this year, I kept the same rose gold theme and bought a pair of Stella and Dot earrings.

These Sidewinders Studs are adorable. I love the serpent/snake-like shape. See, what you may not know about me is that when my sister-in-law came back from the Philippines with baby gold hoop earrings for me, it took me about two hours to put them on so I vowed to myself to never take them off. Three years later, I finally got the courage to take them off and I have been enjoying changing up my earrings daily. I ordered these last week and they arrived right in time for me to wear tomorrow for Valentine's Day.

Now since I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, it's a little ironic that I painted my nails pink and red just for this occasion, haha! I really like this red and pink combo so it just made sense to have them like this for tomorrow.

I also may or may not be going out for dinner with Mike tomorrow night. Oh silly me, so against this fake holiday but yet, I buy myself a gift, paint my nails in a Vday theme and now DINNER...what has gotten into me???

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? If so, what do you do to celebrate?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things that made me happy this weekend...

After a really bad day this week and having to work all last weekend, it was nice to be home this weekend and just veg.

I booked a trip for my hubby and I to go visit my mom and stepdad in San Jose, CA for April. We will be there for nine days. Not quite sure what we plan to do yet.

This Pinterest photo makes me smile so hard because the kid is so stinking cute. I am pretty sure it's Mason (Kourtney and Scott's kid). What a stylish boy with a swagger walk.

I had a lovely chat with Elisse this morning. It's so nice to hear a friend's voice every once in a while. Each time we tried to get off the phone, we still had one more thing to say.

I finally bought the e-reader sleeve I have been eyeing from Rogue Theory. I can't wait for it to arrive. The sleeve I had (which is an actual leather Kobo sleeve from Roots) is staining the back of my reader. So upset.

And lastly, this doesn't make me happy at all because I am going to be missing out but I am excited (and very happy) for my BFF. She will be throwing her 6th Beauty Board this coming April. If you are in the Toronto area, tickets go on sale tomorrow here.  I can't stress enough how much of a great event this is. You will be surrounded with other beauty junkies, delicious food, lots of prizes and an awesome swag bag. Get your tickets early because space is limited.

Now I am going to get ready to watch the red carpet and the Grammys this evening. I hope there are some worthy performances.

What made you happy this weekend?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beauty wants and surprises

Since I have put myself on locked down with buying any makeup, here are two things that I am lusting over. After March, I may pick up these two...


Benefit Watt's Up!. Benefit is one of my favorite brands. I practically love every item they have. In the summer, once I have my hit of sun, I like to highlight my bronzed skin with something shimmery. I think Watt's Up will add that bit of J.Lo glow without the overkill.


Nars Blush in Torrid. For years, I have always used Orgasm and finally I decided I would like to try something else. Torrid has that shimmer like Orgasm but is much darker. I find that Orgasm doesn't add enough colour to the apples of my cheeks. Yes, I am that girl who over-exaggerates her blush.


So, I said I was on lock down from buying but it doesn't stop me from accepting products given to me. I have the bestest sister-in-law in the world who quite often hooks me up. So, the two products below is what she gave me this past weekend.


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange. I have been wanting an orange lipstick for a couple of months now. I was really envious when my BFF, Stfne showed me her new Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger. I was tempted to buy it for myself until I receive this Morange lipstick from my SIL. I wore it yesterday and I am in love. It's the right shade of orange, bright but not too bright.


I also got this discontinued concealer brush from my SIL. It took me a while to figure out exactly what kind of brush it is but I was almost positive it was to apply concealer. This brush is working so well with the INGLOT concealer I bought while in New York. It's covering up the gigantic zit on my forehead nicely.


Okay, okay...I bought two of these beauties at a discounted price. I am not breaking my rule because I actually ordered it at the end of 2011.


I bought Chunky Cherry before my trip to Vegas. It's like a big crayon and works perfectly to line and fill in your lips. After some tweets back and forth with @beautysweetspot, she convinced me to buy Whole Lotta Honey but I also decided on Fuller Fig, a darker plum colour. What I love most about these sticks is that they will fit in your clutch.


Last but not least, more lipsticks to add to my collection. I didn't buy these. They were sent to me by the lovely, Reni. She was talking about these Revlon Lip Butters and L'Oreal Balm on Twitter and I knew that they were not selling in Canada yet.  She was kind enough to send me two of each (Sugar Plum and Lollipop Lip Butters and Plush Plum and Caring Coral Balms). I am currently using Lollipop, a bright hot pink (far right) and Caring Coral, a nice peachy colour (far left).

What are some beauty products you want or are currently using?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So you had a bad day...

I had the baddest of bad days. It was to the point that I was shaking, trembling and on the verge of crying, followed by bouts of anxiety attacks. Obviously it was about work. It was so bad that I was tempted to walk out but mortgage, upcoming trip and my hubby popped into my head. I went to the bathroom, locked myself in the stall and cried. Yes, call me a wimp, call me weak but I think I just had a moment where I was sure, I had had the last straw. I somehow made it through the day because my new colleague, who sat outside the washroom stall and just talked me through it. She's a darling and even though I have only known her for three months, today she was my savior, my rock.

I usually don't want to write about work on my blog (because who knows who is reading it) but tonight, I am going to throw myself a huge pity party (at the dear Elisse's suggestion) and then move on because tomorrow is another day, right?

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's okay to...

...not want to stay at a resort because the beds have a bedspread, the shower has a shower curtain or there are cats or coatis [pic and pic] roaming around.

...hate your hair because you told your hairstylist to cut your bangs differently and add layers to your hair.

...have adult acne and be really frustrated with it. Any product suggestions?

...make up nicknames for certain people who live in a bubble, who are slightly dense or those who feel entitled.

...have nerdy glasses because you like the look but yet be embarrassed to wear them to work. I know they won't get the look. obsessed with etiquette. I bought the Emily Post book on etiquette, it should arrive any day.

...not know when to use who and whom (whoever, whomever).