Monday, February 20, 2012

CD Listening Party

On Sunday, our friends, Rich and Gina invited Mike and I over for dinner at their house. They moved into their house almost two years ago and ever since, we have been bugging them to invite us over. We got a tour of their house and then sat down to eat and catch up. We reminisced about our crew hanging out back in the day, how Gina and Rich met and were in awe that Rich and I have known each other for 20 years now. We also talked about potentially going on vacation together if timing and budget works out. Rich and Gina are one of the only couples left in our crew who are still child-less so it makes hanging out a bit easier (Please don't get me wrong, I love all my friend's kids and I love spending time with them but everyone is in different stages in their lives so Rich, Gina, Mike and I just happen to be at that married with no kids stage - I think a blogger called it DINK, Dual Income No Kids).

After we finished dinner, we moved into the living and proceeded with what I like to call the "CD Listening Party". Gina is one of those remaining people who still buys CDs and still has a stereo to play them on. Mike and I went through her whole collection and got excited with the CDs we discovered. The one that I couldn't get over was the Baby Blue Soundcrew album. Every single song reminded me of my early 20s and my clubbing phase. We listened to the entire CD as we continued to catch up and chair danced or bopped our head. I wish I could some how post up the entire album on my blog but unfortunately, I can only include some ghetto You Tube videos of my favorite songs off of the album.

It was really nice to hang out with Rich and Gina. I discovered that I am a lot like Gina (we keep, I should really say treasure, everything and have a hard time letting go of things) and Rich and Mike put together is trouble!!! They are both so corny and FOBulous. I look forward to hopefully going on vacation with them and many more CD listening parties.

Mike, me, Gina and Rich at their 2009 wedding


Marz said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I'm just like you and Gina in that I treasure everything. This really drives Philip crazy because he says that makes me a hoarder! I just have a hard time letting go of things. And like Gina I still buy CDs! I remember when Brit Brit's last album came out I posted a picture with it because I was so excited and this guy I use to work with commented "I didn't know anyone bought CDs still!" haha The other night an infomercial came on for "Monster Jamz" and I was tempted to call and order it right then and there :) I absolutely love that picture of you! So beautiful :) p.s. I had never heard of DINK lol too bad we don't live close, Philip and I fall in that category and I think we'd all have a blast together :)

~ dOz said...

T'was an amazing time. ♥ you both!!!