Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Lorax


I have never read the book nor do I know what The Lorax is all about but I definitely want to see this movie. Maybe it has to do with all the colourful visuals in the movie or maybe it's because Zac Efron's voice is in it (did you see him and Taylor Swift serenade Ellen?).


I will take some time this weekend to find out what the Lorax is all about although sometimes, it's fun going into a movie not knowing anything about it. FYI - I read The Hunger Games not knowing the storyline and it was a great read!

So to get everyone else in a Lorax mood, here are some fun links:

And I will leave you with the trailer to watch if you haven't seen it already. Happy weekending!


in HER shoes said...

oh my god girl, i love all dr. seuss books. must have read most of them to my class years ago!

Kathy said...

dr. seuss books are great; my fav is cat in the hat. i've never read the lorax but planning to read it to kayla when i have a chance to grab the book.

Nikolett said...

I've read so many Dr. Seuss books but I'll admit this is one I've never read. Gotta love Zac Efron though! :) The one time I went into a movie without knowing what it was about was "Drive" with Ryan Gosling and yeah ... I still have mixed feelings about that film but I gotta admit it was very artsy!