Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crispy Pitas

I was contacted by Pennant Media Group because they wanted to send me Ozery's Pita Break's new product, Crispy Pitas. I have tried their breakfast pitas (my mom swears by them) so I was quite anxious to try their new pita chips.

First, a little background. Ozery's Pita Break is a Toronto-based family owned bakery and sandwich that started in 1996. When they outgrew their storefront location, they expanded to a larger bakery in northern Toronto and their products are now also available in the United States. You can find them on Facebook or on Twitter @OzeryBakery.

The latest addition to their family of products is Crispy Pitas. They are a great compliment to a variety of dips like peanut butter, hummus or salsa.

There are four new flavours:
Cranberry Pumpkin Seed - filled with juicy cranberries and nutty pumpkin seeds
Rosemary Garlic - baked with fragrant rosemary and roasted garlic
Organic Spelt with Flax - packed with nutrition and dotted with nutty flax seeds, a good source of Omega-2 fatty acids
Organic Wheat - made with organic wheat flour and dusted lightly with sea salt

Each 170g bag is trans fat free and contains whole grains. It's a good source of fibre and has 6g of protein per serving. These pitas are a healthier alternative to potato chips. And you know how we all love munching on potato chips.

I am a huge fan of pita chips with hummus or warm spinach dip. So, after receiving all four flavours, I got my snack on. I started off with the Rosemary Garlic and dipped it into a Roasted Red Pepper dip. The rosemary and garlic is not very strong, it's very light and crisp. I don't really like rosemary so I was scared that I wouldn't like this flavour.

Today, I just opened the bag of Cranberry Pumpkin Seed. This was another flavour I was almost positive I wouldn't like but I was wrong. This is my favorite. The sweetness of the cranberry and the saltiness of the pumpkin seed is a great combination. You do not need to dip this into anything, it's perfectly fine to eat on its own. I feel like if you dipped it into something, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the flavours.

I have been eating the Organic Spelt with Flax at work. The dip I chose to eat it with - lemon and dill hummus. Seeing the flax in each pita chip makes me feel like I am eating healthy. Since there isn't much flavour, I would recommend eating this chip with a real flavourful dip, perhaps a spinach dip.

I have yet to try the Organic Wheat but I plan to eat it with some peanut butter.

I strongly suggest you visit Ozery's Pita Break to find out where their products are sold and I recommend you try my favorite flavour, Cranberry Pumpkin Seed. Thank you Amira for sending over these brand new Crispy Pitas to try. I will definitely buy them in the future.

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