Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Anna tagged me and since she is such a sweet girl, I am going to answer her questions. Here's what I need to do (but I am skipping #4 and #5):

 The Rules:
1. Post these rules
2.  Post a photo of yourself & 11 random facts about you.
3.  Answer the questions given to you in the tagger's post.
4.  Create 11 new questions & tag people to answer them.
5.  Go to their blog/twitter & let them know they've been tagged!

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I am terrified of cats. It's a huge deal for me because I can't even watch commercials with cats in them. Even talking about them give sme nightmares.
2. When looking for a hotel to stay at, I will cross a hotel off my list if I see that it has a shower curtain. It creeps me out for some reason.
3. The Devil Wears Prada is a movie that is constantly playing in my home. We will put it on for background noise, we watch it when we are sick, bored or sad. It's probably my favorite movie and I can watch it over and over again.
4. I miss my brother like crazy.
5. I rub my feet together to either put myself to sleep or to soothe any pain I am feeling.
6. Up until last year, I have never had a Filet-o-Fish and I have never had a whopper from Burger King.
7. I have never been to a museum.
8. I still don't have my driver's license.
9. I'm still using an iPhone 3GS. I can't wait until they release the new iPhone.
10. I've been at my job for almost eight years [too long].
11. I put myself on a clothing and makeup shopping ban since January. As for April 1st, I can go shopping again, good thing I am going to Cali on the 6th.

Here are the questions Anna asked me to answer:

1.  Least favorite subject in high school? Every subject. I was never the greatest student but if I had to pick, probably Science/Biology.
2.  Who was your childhood hero? Does Rainbow Brite count?
3.  What major US city could you see yourself living in? New York, San Francisco or Miami
4.  Biggest fear? Being locked in a room full of cats.
5.  If you could go back to college, what would you study? Fashion, Beauty or something creative.
6.  Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Which one? Yes. Spanish.
7.  Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Coca-Cola all the way.
8.  What is your favorite way to relax? Reading with a drink in my hand on a beach.
9.  Favorite current obsession? Kobe Bryant.
10.  Who is your favorite sporting team? umm...Lakers?
11.  How would you spend $10 million? I'd pay off my debt, travel to different beaches, and then when I find the perfect one, build a B&B and just live the island life. Or, I would buy a bigger home and just lounge around. Basically, I would do nothing but chill with my money until I find something to do that I absolutely love.


in HER shoes said...

i love all your answers. lakers, kobe bryant and rainbow brite!!! we're going to miami this year!!! woohooo!! i cannot wait to hang again!

Lin said...

Wow, you're REALLY afraid of cats. I mean, I dont like them cause I'm afraid they're going to scratch my eyeballs out but you really have a fear of them. No shower curtains huh? Could it have something to do with the movie 'Psycho'?

Also, I've never ever had a Filet-o-fish either and I totally rub my feet together when I dont feel well :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hahaha cats freak me out too...but not to the same level :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Mmmm reading on the beach with a drink in my hand....Honeymoon, come faster!!

ellesy said...

loved reading this.

although it doesn't stop me from booking, hotel shower curtains = NASTY!

#8 & #9... me too :)

Amy Powell said...

can't believe you've never gone to a museum!! that's crazy.

so great getting to learn a little more about you :)

Elisse said...

Whoah! I rub my feet to help get to sleep too!