Thursday, March 22, 2012

Favorite Things Swap

My dear friend over at Linny's Vault was itching to join a swap. When I told her that I didn't see any open swaps around the blogsphere, I suggested to her to just host her own. Lucky for all of us, she listened and created a Favorite Things Swap.

It's all very simple. Sign up and put together a package of your favorite things, only spending $15. How can you go wrong? We could all use a little surprise snail mail while we wait for Spring. If you are interested, sign up here before March 31. You can read about all the small details on her blog.

Do me and Lin a huge favor and sign up. She would be thrilled if you did.  I really want to make her day so sign up soon, who knows, maybe you might be my swap partner.


Lin said...

Thanks for posting about this & of course suggesting the swap! You're awesome :)

Anonymous said...

i've sworn off swaps; you know why. but this sounds like fun! i hope you guys get a lot of entries :)

Shutterbug said...

Swaps are fun, especially when you get stuff you really like! :)