Monday, May 21, 2012


It's been over a week since I last posted something. I have been lazy. I have been concentrating so hard on working out after work that by the time I get home, I just want to make dinner, watch some TV and head off to bed. I am hoping my lifestyle will change a bit now that summer is here. I hope to be sitting on a patio more after work and maybe wake up earlier in the mornings to work out. Here's just some random things I have been up to:

On Mother's Day, the Solon Massive went to Ten Restaurant in Port Credit. Mike and I have been going to this restaurant for years, we have spent numerous summers sitting on the patio and when we have friends who come out to hang out in Mississauga, we normally take them to Ten. But this time for Mother's Day brunch, I got to meet Chef Nic. There was a lot of tweeting back and forth throughout the week but it was very nice to finally meet him. Now that we know the chef, we can't wait to come back and try new things off of the menu. There's something so different about eating at a place when you know who is preparing your food. Follow the restaurant @tenrestaurant and Chef Nic @niccancook on Twitter to see what they have planned for the summer-they have a great patio, perfect in the afternoon with the sun. Sadly, I didn't take any photos of the delicious brunch we ate but I did snap a photo of the decadent plate of chocolate.

Sometimes when I am watching TV, I like to do some origami, like this paper bow below. This bow is great to add to wrapped presents. It's pretty easy and I used a page ripped out from In Style magazine. Next up will be an origami dress.

I have been eyeing Japanese masking tape for over a year now but didn't know what to do with it. I have been pinning some ideas and then finally decided to buy some. What really inspired me to buy the tape was that I was wanted to washi tape over my iPhone cover. I found a coupon code and order from etsy shop, Kawaii Goodies. I also ordered these little bags which turned out a lot smaller than I expected.

I will be leaving for Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 17 days. I have all my outfits put together, I have my sunscreen, books, magazines, etc. all on the dining room table. I just need to get my luggage from the storage locker and I am good to go. But wait...I need a beach bag. I saw a color block tote at Cole Haan so Mike and I went to the store on the weekend to get the Caribbean Blue one but left the store with the yellow one too. I surveyed all the sales associates on the floor as to which one I should buy and the results was split down the middle. So...I got both. The yellow one for Mexico and the blue one for Punta Cana in December.

This weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians and we had such gorgeous weather. Mike and I went downtown on Saturday to walk around and met up with Mike's friend and his fiance to talk about their upcoming plans for their destination wedding. Yesterday, we went to our friend's house for an impromptu BBQ (this girl makes such good and healthy food) and I brought sangria which now seems to be a hit whenever our crew gets together. Of course, I forgot to take photos (I am getting really bad at this). And today, my dad took Mike and I out for lunch. We sat on the patio and just enjoyed the sun.

I hope you had a good weekend, whether or not it was a long weekend for you. What did you do over the weekend?


cranberryportage said...

Love the new wallpaper of your blog but most of all, I love those two very colorful bags from your favorite store. When TL was here, I found my yellow bag at my price range. By the way, we just got upgraded with an ocean view room for our cruise.

Jess said...

i dont know which bag i would have picked either, i really like both of them. Good choice getting one of each!

Lin said...

My weekend was spent at home, just bumming it & reading. Fun, I know haha.

You really make those bows while watching tv? That's so freakin' awesome! I tried making one using those instructions & lets just say it didnt look anything like a bow :(

Mexico vacation in less than 17 days? I'm green with envy. Green. Have a blast for both of us!

Elisse said...

I'm glad you got both bags - and it was a justifiable purchase too! I'm excited for your trip, because you haven't had a beach bum fix in awhile! And yay for having all your outfits laid out - I would do the same thing too!