Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I would do with $400

I normally wouldn't write about this but it was bothering me for a bit over the weekend and now...my hubby and I have an ongoing game of what we would do with $400. Why $400 you may ask?

Well, we booked our June vacation on April 21 with Air Canada Vacations and this past Saturday, I recevied an alert that the price dropped $400 each. Can you believe that?!?!?!? We have been doing all-inclusives for close to 10 years now and are well aware that prices can go up or down at any given moment.  But for the price to drop down that much?

With lots of research and price trending, you will know a good price when you see one. So on April 21, we thought we were getting a good deal for a five star, adults-only, only a la carte restaurants resort. And then we got duped, it dropped down $400. Is there anything we can do...probably not but we have a great travel agent who is trying her best. Mike and I just need to suck it up. In the meantime though, it's fun to text each other back and forth with what we can do with that $400. Here's what we have come up with:

  1. Put the $400 together and buy a new couch. Our living room is starting to look awesome with our 55" flat screen TV and all we need is a new couch.
  2. We could each use the $400 towards getting a new iPhone whenever it comes out. We are both still using a 3GS.
  3. I could use the $400 towards my trip to AS 2012.
  4. Mike and I could go to Vegas or NYC again if Air Canada gave us credit instead.
  5. If Air Canada bumped us up to first class for our trip, that would be awesome.
  6. Use the money to towards the Chef's Table at the resort - a 12 course meal made in front of you, yes please!
I know nothing will come out of it but there is no harm in trying. I am at least hoping for #4 or #5 if we can't get our money back. After all, there was no lowest price guaranteed when we booked. If Mike and I come up with other things we would do with an extra $400, I will keep adding to this list.


Sandy a la Mode said...

i could add a lot of great pieces to my wardrobe with $400, LOL!

Lin said...

Lamesauce. I like the game though :)

I'd probably opt for the couch & you can bet your sweet patootie I'll be crossing my fingers that it works out to your best interest.

Margarita said...

Good luck getting something back! That's crazy that it dropped so much in price!