Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's okay... be disturbed at the fact that in the last three days, two people have asked if I've gained weight. have Justin Bieber's new album, Believe on constant repeat. It's surprisingly good. Some of my favorite tracks are All Around the World, As Long as You Love Me, Die in Your Arms and One Love promote the resort I just stayed at. I really need to stop stalling and write the review to prove that Royal Hideaway Playacar THE best resort. totally crush on a member of One Direction, Zayn Malik. I am like 30 years older than him (just kidding I'm 17 years older than him) but what can I say, I'm a cougar for life. say I'm lactose-intolerant and on a gluten-free diet when I have never been diagnosed. I know my body and it just doesn't like dairy or bread. be jealous of a certain friend who is off for the summer. I cringe when I see her tweets about galivanting, exercising and just chilling out. I'm teasing you Kat, but I am still jealous! be super excited that the couple you met on vacay has emailed you. She didn't have to, she could have just been - "it was great hanging out with you but vacay was vacay, I am getting on with my life". From the moment Mike and I met T &J from NJ, we hit it off. The dynamic of us hanging out just worked and they are such a fun, laid back couple. be upset with the fact I got sun spots while in Mexico. It's a true sign that I am getting old. Luckily, they are just on my right hand and will hopefully go away. call your nephew/godson by an incorrect nickname. I thought it was Borgy Borg (say it with a Chef from the Muppets type accent). My sister-in-laws make up crazy nicknames for everyone. be the only one not quite interested in reading Fifty Shades of Grey, but I might just pick up the book later on and read it for kicks. I do want to see what the hype is all about.


Meghan said...

A girl after my own heart! I love the Biebs and One Direction, and I am 32:) Ha!

Kathy said...

sooo.... i guess i shouldn't mention that i just woke up from an awesome nap?! LOL

and i haven't read 50 shades either.. nor do i plan to... but i did see the latest twilight trailer and it looks GOOD!

Lin said...

It should be legal for you to slap people for asking if you've gained weight. Not cool at all, people.

I read the first two 50 Shade books just to see what the hype was about & let me tell you (although, I may already have) it's not at all as awesome as they said it was. It's SO badly written. Yuck! Everyone has to experience it on their own though, good luck.

keltie said...

Who the hells asks people if they gained weight?! Answer: people that are jealous of your awesome vacay, so f*ck em!

I am also loving in an envious way, that our girl Kat is off for the summer but we all live her enough to know that she deserves it and is totally rocking it!

50 shades of grey, nope. I heard its poorly written and soft core porn. I am too high brow for that. Off to watch SYTYCD! Ha!!

bananas. said...

LOL at the one about your godson. reminds me of my poor godson who was born last friday...his parents keep getting his name wrong. it's pretty bad when i'm the correcting them. lol.

ps. screw the people talking about your weight. i mean common sense people...never ask a lady if she's gained weight. derrr!!!

Elisse said...

I've had to ask my co-worker 5 times what 50 shades is all about ... aaaand I'm still not going to read it - LOL

As for One Direction, I think they're bringing back the boy-band love! And hey, be proud for showing love for the Biebs!

browneyedgirl said...

i am not interested in the 50 shades of gray either, but i'm sure if it was around the house i'll peak at it.

ellesy said...

not too interested in 50SoG either. i actually thought it was a show, oops.

i've read that tamanu nut oil (available on and at health food stores) helps with fading sun spots. i'm actually using it now for the bug bites i have ON MY FACE! not sure if it's working though as i've only started using it.

you make me want to go on a beach vacation.

Kasey Lynne said...

Umm I need to find those two people and slap them. LAME.

I LOVE that One Direction song. I heard it the whole week while we were in Hawaii, and I am now obsessed. Don't be ashamed ;)

SO awesome that you made couple friends on your trip. I (secretly) wanted that to happen to Sam and I on our honeymoon, but it didn't. And that's okay!

Summers off?!?! I WISH!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

those two people are rude!