Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm mad because...

So this isn't going to be the prettiest post but we are all entitled to be angry at life sometimes, right?

...the shooter in the Aurora, CO theatre shooting has instilled fear in me. I use to enjoy going to the movies by myself. Now, I can't do it. I hate that he took that joy away from me.

...Air Canada Vacations has come up with a price protection plan. If you book and pay for air, hotel & transfer package by October 31, 2012 and if the price drops before you travel, they'll refund the difference up to a maximum of $400 per person (there's other rules and exceptions but still). Where the F was this when we got duped in June. Our vacation package dropped $400 per person a week after we booked!!!!

...after not going to the gym for two weeks, I have no desire to go. Just as I was on a roll, I lose my motivation. I have to push myself to start going week.

...I don't know when the iPhone 5 is coming out and I would like a new phone now! tan is fading. I know I still am dark but I wish there was a way to maintain it. The best way is to go on vacation again (lol).

...I really dislike Fifty Shades of Grey. Christian Grey is so mean and demanding, it upsets me. But here I am just starting the second book.


Anna L said...

I went to watch Dark Knight Rises with my boyfriend on Sunday (a couple of days after the shooting) and my anxiety levels were through the roof. I didn't even pay attention to the movie, I kept people watching, making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. I wanted to cry the whole 2hrs and 44mins.

Lin said...

We are all definitely entitled to an angry post every now & then :)

That dude shooting up the movies was a tragedy but I'm definitely not going to live in fear just because of one jack ass. Haha, I too started reading the second Shades book even though I hated the first. It's like we enjoy torturing ourselves.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean .. is no where safe? ugh.

i also feel the same way about 50 shades! i just finished the first book today... i can't say i liked the book at all and i'm abt to read book two also >.<

Claire Kiefer said...

Totally agree about 50 Shades of Grey. LAME. I finished the first one, but couldn't bring myself to read the second two. And my tan is fading as well (and I'm not nearly as naturally tan as you). I have plenty to bitch about right now too . . . I should do a post of my own. ;)

MizzJ said...

haha I think it's funny how all the comments are about how they hate 50 shades, but are reading the next books anyway. I find them mildly entertaining so far... kinda like watching Real Housewives haha

Anonymous said...

It's totally okay to be angry. Emotional release is great. Haha!
I haven't read 50 shade of grey, but my gfs seem to really like it. Maybe I'll try it out one day. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about the gym. I haven't been able to be consistent for more than 2 weeks. Bleh.

BTW, I'm having a jewelry giveaway of your choice so come by and enter! :)

Joanne said...

I'll have to admit that I'm scared to write up an angry post because of fear of judgement. Maybe one day, I'll have the courage to share something.
I'm not planning to read 50 shades. I've been hearing a lot about it though. People talk to me about it already so there's no point reading it plus I have lots of vegan books I want to read anyway. =P