Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend recap

Although it's a Tuesday, the weekend ended yesterday. It was Canada Day long weekend and since the holiday fell on a Sunday this year, the stat holiday was yesterday. My weekend, well, it started on Thursday. Last minute, my friend @foodieyu asked if I wanted some tickets to BeerStock which was at West50, a local bar around the corner from my condo. Since it was the night of the NBA draft, Mike agreed to go with me, as long as we were home by 7 pm. Therefore, we did a mad rush to drink some beer and eat food within 90 minutes. Good thing that the bar is only a 3 min walk from our place. So with beer tasting glass in one hand and tokens in the other, we began our drinking journey...

Mike and I got the chance to meet the chef of West 50, Chef Brendan Prong (@chef_prong). He took some time to chat with us and even sent us home with another pulled pork sandwich. I met his brother Chef Nic (@niccancook) back on Mother's Day at Ten Restaurant. These two brothers are the nicest people/chefs you will ever met. They will always take the time to greet the patrons with a quick hello. They communicate with their Twitter fans and are just all-around nice guys. If you ever pop into one of the restaurants, don't be afraid to ask for them in the kitchen and say hi.

We had such a good time trying out different local beers, chatting up with the beer vendors and even eating the pulled pork sandwiches and chicken tacos with chips. Mike won a huge beer basket but sadly since we left early, he wasn't able to claim it. Thank you so much Stella and Chef Prong for the tickets to BeerStock. You will see us there again next year but hopefully we will see you sooner at West50. Oh, and my favorite beer of the night, probably Shock Top and Welly Special Pale Ale.

So that was my Thursday. Friday was a little more somber since it was my brother's death anniversary. This was the first year that my mom wasn't in town so I decided to keep it low-key. Mike and I met my dad at the cemetery and then we went out for sushi.

Saturday was the annual Ponce Pool Party. The usual suspects were in attendance but I forgot to take photos. We ate lots of kalbi BBQ (although Giselle decided to treat everyone to some KFC to satisfy her craving) and drank lots of sangria and beer. The kids had a great time swimming and singing to One Direction. It is really nice to hang out with this group of friends. We only see each other maybe twice a year but I can stress enough how much fun we have when we get together. It seems like sangria is the crowd favorite so once again, I made a batch to bring. This time though, I made sure to bring an extra bottle to make more.

For the rest of the weekend, Mike and I chilled. There were things we could have done, we could have enjoyed the beautiful day but we got lazy and just immersed ourselves with watching more episodes of Revenge. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome the show is? We have four more episodes to go. Once we finish, I don't know what we are going to watch. We already caught up on Suits and Gossip Girl, any suggestions of shows we can watch throughout the summer?

Last night, I tried to read most of the magazines that were sitting on my night table. I came across a little tidbit in In Style on how to make your own nude polish, so I gave it a go...

I had some MAC highlighting mineral powder kicking around, so I took Cheeky Monkey Pearl Necklace (a polish I would never wear alone as it's pearly white, ewww) and added the bronze and pink highlighting powder. The idea is that if you use the colout you would typically use on your face, it will turn out to be the best skin-matching nude polish.

That was pretty much my weekend. I also did some cleaning (have you pulled out your stove/oven away from the wall? It's pretty gross) and I read more of Insurgent. I did laundry and watched This Means War. It was a good long weekend, not too busy but it felt complete.


Christine said...

Looks like a FABULOUS weekend to me!!!

ellesy said...

i really want to try that nail polish trick - looks great! and could you share your sangria recipe please?

Lin said...

That definitely sounds like one very cool weekend. The food you posted totally made me hungry haha.

The nail polish color actually came out really cute. Nicely done.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Ha. I'd love to go to something called "Beerstock." Sounds like a great opportunity to indulge :O)

Anonymous said...

did you get my comment for this? sometimes i wonder if it works

and that food is making me hungry!!