Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Thursday: Current Obsessions and Fun Summer Reads

I just returned last night from my trip to San Jose to visit my mom. I thought I might blog while I was there  but I only managed to get out one post. I was having too much fun to write, although my mom still managed to write daily posts while I was there. So for today, I am doubling up doing last Thursday's topic on Current Obsessions and this week's Fun Summer Reads.

There are lots of things I am currently obsessed with so my list could go on forever and ever, so I will narrow it down to four things I can't get enough of RIGHT NOW!

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Oia Jules: I've had my eye on Elizabeth's Etsy shop, Oia Jules for over a year now and when a 20% promo code came out on twitter, I knew that my chance had come to buy and see if I liked her jewelry. And guess what, I am in love. I purchased the Chunky Gold Chain Link Bracelet with Smoky Quartz and I couldn't be more happy with what I picked. I foresee a long lasting relationship with me and Oia Jules. I plan on buying a necklace next.

Zayn Malik/One Direction: Don't judge but I bought the One Direction Up All Night Live Tour DVD. Yes, I am that girl. Once a pop princess, always a pop princess, no matter what age. Zayn is such a cutie and I do realize that he is too young for me, but wasn't everyone obsessed with Taylor Lautner when Twilight first came out? Anyway, Stole my Heart from 1D is on heavy rotation on my iPod.

Suits: I'm so glad that Suits is on during the summer because it's the one TV show I can look forward to watching. What I really like about it is the banter between Harvey Spector and Mike Ross, you will have to watch it to understand. I also like the fact that it was filmed in Toronto. It's fun to point out the restaurants and areas they film at. #wwhd (what would Harvey do)

eos Products: I first fell in love with those spherical lip balms, but I have since discovered the flat hand lotion and next up, their shave cream. Although eos products are available in Canada, it's super expensive compared to the States. Thankfully my mom replenishes my stock every so often.


This week's topics is fun summer reads. I have read a couple of books over the summer and Fifty Shades is probably the best book to read pool/beach side because it doesn't require your full attention, it's just for mindless fun. And mindless fun is the perfect summer read.

For past summers I have read anything from Sophia Kinsella, Meg Cabot or any of the Gossip Girl books. I also think anything light and funny like Chelsea Handler books would be a fun summer read. You should never be reading heavy or sad (aka Nicholas Sparks books) during the summer, save those kinds of books for the winter.

What books have you read over the summer? And what are you currently obsessed with?


ellesy said...

i love that bracelet!!! i recently purchased divergent (and insurgent) after you recommended it... but i can't seem to get through watership down so i still haven't read it. i thought i would like WD because of my obsession with bunnies but alas...

Anonymous said...

i LOVE suits!! my fav characters are donna and louis. he sort of reminds me of Mark A. with his facial expressions and the way he laughs.

Micaela said...

i LOVE eos' shaving cream!!! (how much easier is it shaving with a pump top too?)

just yesterday my friend ezgi was telling me i needed to watch Suits on chat. And since i gave up on "Laters, Baby" in the middle of the second book (to read parenting/birthing books)- she also told me i need to def. get back to it as she's on the 3rd one. You're absolutely right-- summer should be all about the light reading!

i'm currently obsessed with :

*looking at pretty garlands on etsy for our nursery (i'm deciding between these two right now: &

*the song "summertime sadness"

*starbucks' blueberry scone (i literally pray they haven't run out by the time i get there)


Katrin said...

I love to read Swedish and Icelandic crime novels.
I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey yet...I guess I am the only one. :)

Lin said...

YOu weren't kidding, Oia Jules has some really great jewelry. Affordable too...which means maybe it's time for some shopping ;)

Thanks for linking up!

M. said...

I didn't realize Suits was filmed in Toronto! I know exactly what you mean about the banter - it's my favourite part about the show. I'm loving the EOS lip balm you sent in my swap package! So delicious! Definitely glad you introduced me to that.

I still haven't made it all the way through 50 Shades... and I have to admit my resolve to do so is weakening.... Maybe I'll move on to the Insurgent series instead!

Thanks for linking up, and so glad you had a great trip!

Islandia Lane said...

aw I love suits!

and now since I finished the rum diary - it's time to find a new book but I rarely have time to read when I'm home ::sigh:: next vaca already please? :-)

Marz said...

I'm definitely a pop princess for life so I'm a little sad that I haven't really listened to One Direction! I might need to put that on my playlist at work tomorrow :) It was so nice watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics because of Take That and the Spice Girls - two of my all time favourite pop bands!

My husband started watching "Suits" without me and I was so upset because I really wanted to watch it. But luckily he has saved them all on DVR so maybe I'll be able to catch up on Labor Day weekend. He loves it and I've heard nothing but great things about it! I love USA Network and all the shows they've put out - especially you know the one ;) "White Collar" <3

Kasey Lynne said...

Gabriel Macht is the KING of all hotties. HELLO...Because I Said So?!?!?! SWOON.

Those eos chapsticks are so fun to use. I feel like a retard using them, but they're still fun!

Insurgent is on my book list as well. I've heard SO many good things about it.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i've read divergent and fifty shades, but haven't gotten to the sequels yet!