Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sewing Projects & Giveaway

I've been sewing since as long as I can remember. Do you remember when we had grade 8 home economics when we sewed a stuffed animal or maybe in grade when we got to sew a jacket? Well, my mom has always been sewing so I picked it up from her at an early age. She used to sew us clothes, curtains, tablecloths, anything you name it. It only seems fitting that she would pass down this hobby to me. I've taken some sewing classes through my teens and adulthood. I've made boxers, pillowcases, shoe bags, a jogging suit (yes, and I was so proud of it until it shrank) and as of late, baby slippers.

{Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom for my giveaway}

On my recent trip to San Jose to visit my mom, I told her that one thing I wanted to do while I was there was to sew some projects I've been pinning on Pinterest or have saved in my inbox. See, I don't have a sewing machine at home and I made the mistake of not taking my mom's machine when she moved to California. We spent the entire weekend sewing. She would cut and iron the materials for me and I would so all the pieces together. My first project - a fabric wallet...

These are super easy to make and take no time at all. I wanted to do a tutorial but my mom was against it. She said I should keep it to myself. That sneaky devil, she doesn't like sharing, lol! I wanted to make this wallet, so I can save some cash in here, you know for rainy days, Christmas presents, etc...like a piggy bank but for bills instead of coins. And then I found another use for it, I could use it to stash my receipts from all the shopping I did, so that it's all in one place. Brilliant huh? You could also use it for coupons.

After making over 20 wallets, I had to graduate to something else. I told my mom to relax and that I wanted to make this next project on my own. I remember seeing this makeup brush roll up as a project at The Sewing Studio and found an easy tutorial here. I'm pretty proud that I did it myself and so is my mom.

Then it dawned on me that if I could make this, why not make a holder for my Papermate Flair pens? If you love writing and are a fan of pen, you have to buy the set. They are awesome!

While I was packing my carry-on to return home, I realized that I didn't want to carry the boxy packaging that my husband's watch came in so I made a little carrying case. It even matched the watch!

I also made microfiber cleaning cloths and a brush holder and eyeglasses case for my mom. I can't believe how much I was able to sew over the weekend. I am really itching to buy a sewing machine, and have been researching all week. I am just scared that I will buy it, sew for a week and it will be tucked away in the corner collecting dust. I am planning to buy a decent quality, inexpensive machine. If you have any suggestions, I'll gladly accept them. I honestly don't want to rush and just pick up any machine, plus I still have to clean out some space in our den to make room for it.


Now while I saw sewing and posting on Instagram, some people were asking me if I would be selling the wallet and for how much. First of all, I don't have a sewing machine yet and am not in the right headspace to open up an Etsy shop, so for now, I'll just give away some of the extra I made. 

You know me, I hate it when giveaways are difficult to enter. I am not trying to gain followers, I don't need you to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I just want to giveaway things out of the goodness of my heart. Here's what you have to do, hopefully it's simple and easy:

Leave one comment and let me know what you plan to use it for. In the same comment, let me know which one(s) you would like to win. (To make things easier, if you are not a regular reader, please leave an email where I can reach you, in case you win)

Simple and easy right? I will randomly pick a winner for each of the four wallets, you'll have until next Friday, September 7 to enter. I will announce the winners on Saturday, September 8. Good luck and feel free to spread the word.


Tamara said...

I love your creativity! Over the summer I got into hand sewing myself. Making clutch bags out of old jeans was a blast. I got a lot of compliments..you go gal!

Id like to win the Pink leopard waller for my recent obsession with coupons. Im not an exreme couponer but since school started Ive been finding some college gal worthy saves. Carrying them around in this would be a lot cuter than my usee and abusee paper envelope

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

How fantastic. You are super talented. I cannot sew if my life depended on it. I think I would use this for a clutch to go out with. Love clutches. And red Asian is my favorite design of the four.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic giveaway and great job on the sewing! i wish i were that crafty.

i would definitely use them for my receipts. i have to keep every single one for business expense purposes so i'm in desperate need of something to keep them organized instead of stuffing them into my wallet!

i really like the blue damask & pink leopard ones.

Micaela said...

Leesh, this is the sweetest giveaway!

i agree with kathy-- such a great job and i wish i were as crafty too.

I would use the pink leopard one to hold Felix's diaper wipes. Or the blue damask for coupons (I've never really used them-- until the idea of how much it's going to cost to add an extra mouth in our family. lol SO WORTH IT though!)

fingers crossed and thank-you for the chance xoxo

Lisa said...

Oh wow, Leesh, it looks like you've been busy DIY'ing up a storm!

ellesy said...

ooh i love your idea of a piggy bank for bills instead of coins. i definitely need a stash of emergency cash. i think the patterns and colours are beautiful so i like them all! :) i really need to get crafting again... you're inspiring me to head back to the sewing studio!

Nikolett said...

That is AWESOME that you went to visit with the intent of making awesome things. These DIYs are incredible; I wish I knew how to properly use a sewing machine. I already have one of your lovely creations (yay, THANK YOUUU!!!) so I won't be joining but I'll spread the word soon :)

cranberryportage said...

Not to mention all the Halloween costumes that I made for you, your brother, your husband and maybe a friend, oh no that was your BFF party dress.
Take your time researching for the perfect sewing machine so you will enjoy using it. If you want more of those quarter fabrics for your project, let me know as I can add it to your package. I am very happy that you have inherited one of my favorite talents.

Elisse said...

I can't believe i missed this giveaway :( Your diy sewing projects were so cute!