Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update on my 2012 Mini Goals

It's past the halfway point in 2012 and even though I set some mini goals for the year, I have no idea if I accomplished any of them. I think it's about time I take a look at what I wrote (warning: it's an eye sore with so much words and no photos, it's mainly for me to see where I am at, you know, a status update).

*Stop buying things just because they are on sale. I live in a tiny condo, there is no room to stockpile. Most of the time, the sale items are things you don't really need. <--- I'm getting pretty good at walking away from a sale. The only time I caved and stockpiled was when I found I.C.O.N shampoo and conditioner on sale for $2.99 each. I bought eight bottles. Even the people at my salon said it was an awesome deal and asked if I could get some for them.

*Pick up another hobby. Last year, I took sewing classes. So it's either buy a sewing machine or take another class of some sort. Maybe knitting? <--- No sewing machine yet but since the Fall is approaching, knitting classes are looking bright in my future.

*Read 25 books this year. Last year, my Goodreads goal was 15 and I surpassed it by reading 19. <--- I am at 13 books so I am halfway there.

*Write more snail mail letters to family and friends. <--- I wrote some letters to my aunts in the Philippines. Maybe while I am at my mom's I will write more letters.

*Instead of hoarding magazines because there is something I like in an issue, I'm going to tear out the page and paste it in the ideas journal I received from the lovely Candice. <--- this year, I have been reading, ripping out pages and tossing the magazines right after I read it. I just haven't pasted all the clippings into the journal.

*Use Pinterest more to get inspired. <--- Pinterest has taken over my life. I pin but I don't normally do the craft or bake the recipe right away. I did use Pinterest to get inspired to create our bar cart.

*Try to do more craft projects. <--- so far, I have only made some racerback tanks.

*Go on at least two beach vacations and one city vacation. Going away is the only thing that keeps me sane. <--- One beach vacation down (Playa del Carmen, Mexico), one more to go (Punta Cana, DR in December). As for city vacations, Mike and I went to San Jose in April but that's more family visiting not exploring. Hopefully Vegas or NYC will be in the near future before the year ends, although I wouldn't mind going to Chicago, Boston or Portland for a weekend trip.

Fitness & Health.
*Write down what I eat and what exercise I did in a journal. I want to find out what upsets my stomach but also keep track of my eating habits. <-- I know what upsets my stomach now...huge amounts of bread, dairy and red meat. This has helped me a lot knowing what it is that upsets my stomach. I have been avoiding these foods but it's been tough especially with pizza. I was working out a lot April-June, I was even keeping track of how how long I ran and what exercises I did on an app but then I found it took up too much of my time.

*Obviously, try to lose 8 pounds. <-- At my peak of working out and watching what I was eating, I lost 3 lbs but it's been fluctuating a lot these days. Once I come back from Cali, I am going to start eating healthy again and get back to working out. My friend Kat has totally inspired me.

*No eating after 8:00 pm on weeknights.  <-- I try, and I have really tried. When I was on vacation in Mexico, we set our dinner for 8:30 at night, It's vacation so it doesn't count. I think I have been pretty good at this.

Beauty & Fashion.
*I need to shop buying clothes for the next three months. Just in December I bought two winter coats, three pairs of boots, three silk blouses, two sweaters, four pairs of pants and a watch. I did enough damage in one month that most people do in three months. <--- for the most part, I didn't buy a lot of things. I did pretty good. 

*No more buying nail polish, bracelets, makeup or scarves. <--- I was awesome with this.

*Limit my nail polish wear. My nails are so soft from me buffing them because they get stained too easily from the dark polish I wear. <--- I stopped wearing polish for a while but picked up again in June. Summer without nail polish is just wrong!

*Try to not wear black all the time. When spring arrives, I want to switch to pastel colours. This is when I will start to shop again. <--- I didn't switch to pastels but I did start to wear bright colours and I haven't been wearing ALL black throughout the summer.

*Do once a month date night with Mike. When we were in New York, we both discovered that we love sitting in hotel bars drinking. We are going to check out different hotel bars in our own city for date night. <---We have yet to go hotel bar hopping. As for date night once a month, it never happened but I think the both of us are content with staying at home and just hanging out with each other.

*Visit my mom this year. <-- Mike and I went in April and tomorrow I am going on my own.
*Make a huge effort to see or talk to my dad. <--- definitely need to work on this more but it's hard now since he's in the Philippines until the end of October.

*Call at least one friend a month and see how they are doing. I will pick a different friend a month. We never make phone calls anymore and have live conversations. Or even better, Skype - yes, I am talking to you Elisse. Everything is over text, What's App or Twitter these days. <--- I do make Skype dates with Elisse and recently I got to Face Time with Reni. I don't think I have called up one friend bad of me. I did connect with a friend from my past (actually a bridesmaid of mine), we did a string of catch up emails but never spoke on the phone. I also got to see my old school friends for drinks early in the summer. I love catching up with old friends.

*Make more of an effort to write posts for our travel blog, Beach Junkies. <--- it took me one month after our vacation in Mexico to write up the review for the resort we stayed at. I do have some posts in mind, I just have to write them out. The plus side to all this, Beach Junkies are brand ambassadors for a Karisma Resort and have been participating in weekly mission to promote the brand. Check out the post I wrote for their blog.

*Discover 1-2 new blogs a month and make a connection with the blogger. <-- this was no problem. Here are some new blogs I started following:

*Either try to enjoy my job or get out, meaning start applying for jobs. <--- haven't tried hard enough.

*Try to let things go and just do as I am told even if it's ridiculous. Trying to defend myself or point out something to my boss takes up too much energy. <--- I totally just do what I am told even though I think there is a more effective and efficient way to do it.

CONCLUSION | I haven't been that great with my goals and it's probably because I wrote them on my blog and then forgot about it. They are/were attainable, I just need to post it somewhere where I can see them. I still have a couple months left in the year, so I can work on the others I have yet to accomplish.

How are you doing with your own goals?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout-out; glad that i inspired you :)

you did well with your goals!! i'm reading a new book called "the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry". it's not bad. i have a feeling it's a sad book though...

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like you're doing a pretty darn good job! Keep up the good work lady!

Lisa said...

It sounds like you're making fantastic progress with your goals.

ellesy said...

it's hard to stay on track with annual goals/resolutions but i still like setting them. someone recently suggested doing monthly goals, which i might try for september onward.

i also do a 101 in 1001 - basically a collection of 101 things i want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. it contains a combination of easy to achieve goals and loftier items.

Lin said...

It's hard to stick with goals. Personally, I've never been any good at it, especially when they're not always in my face. If I could get a board with flashing lights to follow me around and have my list of goals on there, I think I'd get it done. Maybe.

Probably not. haha

Joanne said...

You're doing great with your goals. I'm afraid to look at mine and give myself an progress report. I don't think I've made much progress. :(

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Overall you should be proud of yourself! You've stuck to a lot of your goals and that is not easy! Do you know where you're staying in the DR? I feel like we picked the wrong place when we went and missed out :(

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

So honest Leesh, I love this! I suck at making goals and keeping them. I am a huge procrastinator and I never thought I was when I had more structure when I was younger but now that it's just me in control of my own life I realize I'm my worst enemy when it comes to making things happen! I think I need someone or something to depend on me getting something done for me to actually do it. I guess I fear letting others down more than myself!

Nikolett said...

Oh wows, you're honestly such an inspiration because even where you haven't progressed with your goals (like once a month date nights), you've realized what you like doing instead. Definitely be proud of yourself! I don't even remember half of my goals from January *guilty* ... I need to track myself, too. Hope you have an amazing weekend :) did you get your hands on some Toms?

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome list!! I just took the time to write out one as well and I love seeing other people.s ambitions. By the way, there is no such thing as a mini goal because all accomplishments are worth celebrating!!