Thursday, September 13, 2012

Donut charms from Tiffy's Boutique

It all started out when a fellow blogger, Joanne, tweeted that her friend's little sister was selling macaron charms. I tweeted her back saying that I would buy a charm if she made a donut. And guess what? Tiff jumped at the challenge and made me a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. I then told her that if she could make a donut with chocolate glaze, I would also purchase it. I placed the order and Tiff was really quick in mailing it to me. I am so pleased with what I got. Her prices are so much less than what I saw on Etsy for donut charms. I would definitely consider ordering from her again, especially after she told me she will be making more food charms! Her store, Tiffy's Boutique is up on Storenvy. I'm not quite sure but I may have been her first customer. If you are looking for charms, please consider contacting Tiff and maybe, if you are lucky, she might be able to make something for you that is not in her store.

Of course,  the straps did not come with the charms. When I was in San Jose last month, I was shopping at Daiso and came across this pack of straps. I was second guessing myself when I got to the register, thinking, "what the heck am I going to do with these things and when would I ever use them". Something just possessed me to buy it because you never know when I might need them. Well, it's come in pretty handy with these charms and the little Domo I bought for Mike. Now I am thinking that I should have bought more.

Big apology for the quality of my photos. I take them with my iPhone (yup, I still have a 3Gs and hoping to get the 5), because I'm too lazy to use a real camera. 


Michelleesque said...

AHH~ I've been eyeing donut charms for the longest time. I'm definitely going to check out her store!

Anonymous said...

SO cute! and for real, when is toronto going to get good stores like Target and Daiso?!

Lin said...

Dude, those are SO cute!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

they have daiso everywhere in korea; i loved it when i lived there!!