Friday, September 14, 2012

Guide to Cleansing

I was contacted by Medical Assistant Certification and they sent me the image below to review. I think it's great reference tool for those curious and interested in a cleanse. I am thinking about doing a cleanse again. I have tried a cleanse where you cut out certain foods in your diet (David Kirsch). This one worked wonders for me but because I eliminated red meat from my diet for over two months, I got really sick, like violently ill the next time I tried to eat a steak. Since then, I have tried to lay off red meats. David's nutrition guide helped me begin to eat healthy after following his plan for two weeks. With his guidance and frequent exercise, I got myself down 10 lbs - this was almost three years ago.

I have also tried a whole body cleanse. I basically had to take a bunch of pills daily to flush out all the toxins in my body. It will instantly make you lose two pounds. I don't do this to lose weight, I do it at least once a year because I want to get rid of all the nastiness lingering in my body.

So, I am not sure what kind of cleanse I will do starting at the end of the month but if you are thinking of doing one yourself, take a look below for some general information about different types of cleanses.

Guide to Cleansing
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Kathy said...

sooo i'm going to sound like a snob here but i don't think cleanses are necessary or beneficial. the human body is built to eliminate toxins from our system -- digestive tract/kidneys/liver all work together to do this. the only thing that we need to do is eat properly - fresh wholesome foods and then let body do what it does naturally.

even if one has years of bad eating, switching to a clean diet and eating the necessary things - omegas, healthy fats, leafy greens, lots of water etc - all of these things help scrub out the internal intestines, dislodge arterial fat and flush out unnecessary things out of our body.

a cleanse can be dangerous for some -- esp those with sugar deficiencies (not diabetes) but those who eat lots of sugar/cornsyrup-based products over the course of several years has decreased pancreatic function - and they may experience problems with a cleanse because their body doesn't receive the proper nutrients. it's important to eat the proper things in a moderate ratio to see benefits. your body is constantly doing stuff to keep you alive -- the processes (brain, muscle development, organ function, digestion, respiratory, nerve/cell regeneration/development etc) *never stop* and cleanses eliminate valuable nutrients & building blocks required for these important processes to occur so why deny your body of these nutrients? if anything, denying your body of the required nutrients only hinders those internal processes, even of those restrictions are temporary


sorry leesh, i know this wasn't the proper forum to do this but these are my thoughts.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Interesting... I'm not so sure I could stick to being on a cleanse...

Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

so interesting and great info. always kinnnnda wanted to do a cleanse, just not sure why or where to start! haha!

jumped over to visit from your comment on sandy a la mode's blog!! great to e-meet you!

Janet Mandell said...

great post i have had people try this but i was always on the fence......but people swear by it. i believe in moderation and exercise

thanks for sharing:)

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ellesy said...

i've never tried a cleanse but it's something i'd consider to kick-start a healthy eating routine. i've been eating terribly and feel i'd need to do a cleanse to break my bad habits. i wouldn't do a drastic one like the master cleanse though! maybe the green smoothie or the raw food ones...

Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.