Sunday, September 30, 2012

hi there...

It's been 10 days since I have last blogged. I've been lazy and I don't have much to say. I wonder if other bloggers are going through the same thing. I notice that some of the frequent bloggers from years ago are posting less. Could it be that we are all blogged out?

I sometimes also feel that I am all tweeted out too. I have been on Twitter since 2008 and at first, I loved all the interaction I had with random people and companies but since I made it private to avoid certain people following me, I am slowly losing interest. I want to unlock it so badly but I don't want some people knowing what I am doing and what I am thinking.

Pinterest and Instagram are still on my hot list though!

So, if you are curious about what I am been up to, well here it is...
  • I finally upgraded my iPhone. I am a proud new owner of an iPhone 5. I know that it might not be a huge deal to some people but it is to me. I went from a 3Gs to a 5. I am in awe at how fast everything loads. I can take better photos, I have more GBs, the phone is light and thin, basically I am in love. I will post a photo once I find a perfect case. Any suggestions?
  • My mom bought me a super early birthday present (my birthday is in December) - a sewing machine. I have been toying with getting one ever since I came back from my visit with her and this weekend, I made two things: 1) it's a secret present for a friend who I doubt reads my blog but still I don't want to post a photo and 2) a little tiny dress - I made it and couldn't think of a little girl to send it to but it just dawned on me who I can send it to so I am mailing it out tomorrow.

  • I am suppose to start a cleanse today but I wasn't able to get groceries this weekend and this cleanse has a lot of ingredients I don't have readily available in my home. Did I ever mention that I get anxiety just from thinking of having to get groceries? I have a scheduled meeting on Thursday with the cleanse group and I am going to have to shyly tell them I am so behind. When I decided that I wasn't going to start today, I made these simple Apple Strudel Muffins.

  • A lot of Fall TV has started in the past two weeks and there is still more to come. Sons of Anarchy has been a shitstorm of greatness and we are only three episodes in. It took me two days to get over what happened in the last episode. I hope everyone has watched it by now but just in case, no spoilers here. Grey's Anatomy season premiere was just okay. I think I was expecting something else, not a flash forward. After watching Sons of Anarchy, Grey's was below par in greatness. Hopefully, they start to explain more about the plane crash in the next episode. With Glee, I am behind an episode because it's a conflict with Grey's. I am so happy with Kate Hudson in the cast and that new hottie, Brody. New Girl is of course hilarious. One show that I wasn't expecting much from but is quite interesting is Survivor. I am really rooting for Malcolm and Angie, I am such a sucker for people that hook up on the show. Tonight is Revenge and I am super excited for it, only an hour until it starts! Partners is a new show I checked out. It's just okay but I am happy to see Sophia Bush back on the screen. Up next are all the CW shows, Gossip Girl, 90120 and Vampire Diaries.
  • Asides from sewing, I have also picked up crocheting and knitting again. Last fall/winter, I didn't make anything because I was taking sewing classes but since my sister-in-law asked me to make a scarf for my niece, I might just make a couple of scarves before winter starts.
  • A lot of people have been asking what my hair looks like since I went on about cutting off over 8 inches. It sounds like a lot but trust me, I don't think there is much of a difference. Yes, it's shorter but I just figured out that I can still put it up in a sock bun, woot woot! So as you can see there is not much a difference except for the fact that the light ends are gone. By the way, I had my bangs up in the photo on the left because they were really long and not falling properly.

That's about it from me for now. With the long weekend approaching (yup, it's Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians), please do me a favour and check out my mom's blog, she has a little contest going on and if you could be so kind to show her some love and enter, it would make my day. Check it out HERE. Just leave her a comment and let her know I sent you!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


cranberryportage said...

Congratulations on your first two projects. I am very happy that you have taken one of my favorite hobby. I got hungry just looking at those Yummy Apple Muffins. Thank you for promoting my contest.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

It's totally okay to slack on blogging. But good to see you back. Wow. Your bangs look really sleek.

Marz said...

How sweet of your mom to get you a sewing machine for your early birthday present! You've been going back and forth about getting one and now she did it for you ;) That's awesome!! And how freaking adorable is that little dress?! PRECIOUS! ;) I loved seeing it modeled on your Cabbage Patch kid on instagram ;)

Speaking of instagram, I'm pretty in love with it too! I've met some really great Angels fans on there :) That's primarily what I've been using Twitter and Instagram for is my C.J. Wilson love and baseball stuff ;)

Your hair is GORGEOUS! I always have serious bang envy when I see your hair.

I can't believe it's your Thanksgiving weekend this weekend. I've been wishing for a four day weekend so I can get back to El Paso asap and hold Felix again. I miss her so much :( I'm so glad it's October already and the holidays are around the corner!

Have a great week Leesh! xo

Lin said...

Wow, the hair! Seriously, it looks fabulous.

Fall tv has been so damn good. My dvr is full of tv shows that I have to catch up on. Sons of Anarchy has been amazing, the last episode made me cry like a damn baby. Have you caught up on Dexter? Last nights episode was pretty 'meh' up until the end, which was amazing. You've gotten so good at sewing, you need an Etsy shop. For real.

Also, you're not alone in feeling 'blogged' and 'tweeted' out. I've been feeling that way too, especially about twitter.

ellesy said...

hooray, you got a sewing machine! that little dress is adorable. i can't wait to see some of your other projects... i need some inspiration to get my butt in gear. i have so many items i need to fix, hem, etc. your hair looks great - so shiny!

Anonymous said...

i hear you on the blah blogging feeling. i'm going on vacation next week and i don't even feel like blogging about that!!

that's a cute dress :)

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Oh man I go through the blogging ups and downs too. In fact I'm blogging but I don't feel like I'm producing quality blogs. Probably the fact that I'm no longer getting any comments should tell me something LOL! But I'm worried if I stop I will just stop completely and never go back - sigh! I also haven't been taking pictures. My camera broke and it's just not the same taking pictures with my phone.

Feeling you on the twitter thing too. I log on and scroll but find I have nothing of value to say. Really weird. Or I'm just realizing now that I'm not that interesting LOL!! Don't worry about the cleanse, if you go too hardcore you'll never adopt some of the good behaviors to better to go at your own pace!

Micaela said...

i have been craving those muffins ever since i saw them on instagram. they look DELICIOUS! (also will you blog about your cleanse?)

i can't wait to get an iphone. i picked my droid over it because at the time, we didn't have a local apple store so they guy said if something happened, verizon wouldn't be able to help etc. Also because i truly can't stand "touch screen." I rely WAY too much on my keyboard. But now that i have a baby and live far from family, face time would be SO MUCH easier. all this grumbling to say enjoy your iphone double for me :) ha

please always post your sewing/crocheting creations? you are so good at it! that dress is just adorable!!! (why is everything cuter in baby size?) i really love my checkbook/coupon cover (such a great/lucky win! thank-you). And your sweet Mom's baby shoes that she made for Felix-- so nicely made (love those grippers on the bottom!). i'm glad you both get to share a love of sewing and learning it together.

I felt the SAME WAY about the Grey's season premiere. I'm looking forward to tonight's and think (after seeing the sneak peek) that this is the one they should have used as the opener. (I went back on youtube just to watch the scene with Lexi and Sloan from the finale-- my heart! i cried again like a baby)

The shows i watch that premiered are DEXTER (SO GOOD!) and Hart of Dixie (my guilty pleasure).

PS. your bangs? jealous! a look i desperately wish i could pull off.

AND! i already entered your mom's giveaway :) she is as cute as you.

Kasey Lynne said...

That little dress is so cute!! You did such a good job Leesh.

Your hair looks SOO good!! I've been waiting for you to post a picture! ;D

Micaela said...

Leesh, you are so sweet! I wasn't expecting the lovely surprise that arrived -- this very dress i fell in love with! :) Felix will happily be your guinea pig! ;) SO CUTE! i love the ruffle onesie too and am hoping to snap a photo of her in it. My mom is in town visiting and she was impressed with your dress too-- we love it so much!

THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU with all my heart <3 if there's any way i can repay your kindness, you just let me know.

big kisses from felix xoxo

Elisse said...

You must be loving you new phone! I can't wait till my contract is done next year so I can upgrade too!