Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Thursday: My Fall TV Lineup

The hosts Lin, Em and Sarah picked a great topic for this week because anything to do with TV is my favorite subject. I actually don't have a PVR (or DVR) so once the Fall hits, I plan my life around my TV schedule. There are certain nights that I won't commit to anything social because I have to be home to watch shows live and then there are some shows that I can afford to miss because I know that I can watch them on-demand.

These are the shows I can afford to miss because I know that I can catch them again at some point, whether online, on-demand or with time-shifting. I would want to watch Sons of Anarchy live but our FX Canada channel is stupid and is still playing season three.

Breaking Amish - I wasn't planning on watching this but last weekend there was nothing to watch so we caught the first episode. We are now hooked. It's so interesting to see the four Amish and one Mennonite explore life outside of their community. It must be an eye-opener to be in NYC and see how the rest of the world lives.

Survivor: Philippines - Hard to believe that it's season 25. I have watch almost every season except for maybe three or four. I feel like I should watch because it's being filmed in my homeland (well, not really because I was born in Canada).

Glee - I hate how they moved it to Thursday night at 9 pm, it now conflicts with Grey's Anatomy. If it wasn't for Kate Hudson and her awesomeness, I don't know if I would still be watching. But I do love all the singing!

New Girl - My one and only half hour sitcom (well, until Cougar Town returns). This show is hilarious and I love the quirkiness of Jess and even Schmidt. They both carry the show.

Sons of Anarchy - This was the first show to premiere for the Fall and only two episodes in, I am SERIOUSLY hooked. I hate how I can't watch it live and I am lucky that no one is spoiling on Twitter. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds and if my theories are correct. I really like the new character Nero but I feel like he has something up his sleeve - no one is that nice.

X-Factor - Britney and Demi bring a whole new freshness to the table. I didn't watch last season because I can't stand Paula Abdul. I can't wait to see more of Brit, she has certainly made a comeback - watch out Xtina, your rival is back!

Now these shows, I must watch live, I don't know why...maybe it's because too many spoilers go around Twitter ruining it for me. I have been a long time fan of these shows and I have invested so much time to them that I need to see each season through.

90210 - Not the greatest show but I started from the beginning because of my love for the original Beverly Hills 90120. Characters have come and go, and story lines aren't anything new but yet, I still am intrigued by the lives of spoiled rich kids (hence, why I also like Gossip Girl).

The Vampire Diaries - The only show where ALL the guys are hot!!! Vampires and werewolves, oh my! Now that our beloved Elena is a vampire (sorry if I spoiled it for you), it's going to be interesting how it pans out.

Grey's Anatomy - I was so upset to find out that it was Lexie who would not be returning and would die on the season finale. I'm also upset that Teddy is gone (I think) and Sloan will be next. I know that they are going to bring in new characters, I just hope they aren't as annoying as April.

Revenge - My new favorite show. I remember last year, everyone was raving about Revenge but I had no clue what it was about. Then early in the summer when there was nothing to watch, my husband and I finished the entire season in a couple of days. We then told everyone that they need to watch it (good thing Kat and my sister-in-law listened).

Gossip Girl - I read all the books and watched all five season (although I didn't watch the last season because I had sewing classes but caught up while on vacation in Mexico), so I need to see it through to the very end. I am glad they are ending it because there have been times when it got boring but I have to say, the end of season five picked up.

What Fall shows are you excited for?


Claire Kiefer said...

I am mad I missed Breaking Amish--I totally want to watch that! I've been fascinated with the Amish ever since Matt and I took a train this summer that was filled with Amish people. :)

April on Grey's Anatomy . . . SO ANNOYING! I hope they revamp that show. I love it so much, but it's gotten a bit ridiculous. Back to basics, people! I want to hear about Meredith and Derek!

Anonymous said...

i'm not really into reality tv so i didn't find breaking amish that interesting. however, i'm VERY excited about VD and revenge!

i have never watched survivor - ever! M was watching it last night and did you notice who was on it? (think "you take the good you take the bad you it all and there you have....")

jessica {creative index} said...

gossip girl and hart of dixie! i'm sad to see gossip girl end... its just not as good as it used to be... and hart of dixie because i absolutely love rachel bilson!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I love Revenge and cannot wait to see new episodes...Vampire Diaries is my next favorite...and the New Girl, too. I also love Modern Family. :) YAY. And I'm looking forward to watching a few new shows. I'm so over Grey's and 90210. Just can't watch them anymore. :(

M. said...

So many good shows! But dude - spoiler alert BEFORE the spoiler next time (Vampire Diaries)! Lol!

I agree with Claire - April drives me NUTS. Rarely has a character annoyed me that intensely. I'm crossing my fingers she goes away. I don't care where or how.

Thanks for linking up with us!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i really like nero too! what are your theories? i heard a major character dies in the next episode...

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i used to watch gossip girl, grey's, and glee but gave up on them after awhile. but i do want to check out new girl and revenge.

Kasey Lynne said...

I completely forgot, until now, that you're a Survivor fan. I heard a rumor that Russell was coming back, but it's a totally different guy. #lame

I can't WAIT for Revenge...only a few more days!

Lin said...

I'm so ready for the new season of Revenge. Dont know what what they have in store for us but I hope they get rid of fake Amanda, she's so annoying. Still have to get on the Breaking Amish bandwagon.

Also, Jax looks super hot on that Sons of Anarchy poster.

Marz said...

There are SO many TV shows that I want and need to watch. Currently the only shows I watch are: X-Factor (BRITNEY!!! So glad our gal is doing amazing! I had to miss last week when I was in El Paso with Micaela and last night because I was at a retirement dinner and I feel like I missed a lot but at least it's only the auditions), Hart of Dixie (SO excited for the premiere!) Gossip Girl (although I need to catch up on last season, I missed the last half. Luckily it just came out on DVD), True Blood (also on DVD since I dont' have HBO) and of course my favourite, White Collar. I use to LOVE Grey's Anatomy but fell way behind on that show too. I can't believe you don't own a DVR! I'd be lost without mine. My Olympics boyfriend is going to be on 90210 at the end of October. Tweet me a reminder if you think about it please ;)

Mademoiselle Michael said...

I just watched New Girl this past week for the first time and I really liked it! I also watched Revenge on Netflix and loved it (I'm so excited for the season premier tonight)! Um, would you believe that I even got my grandmother hooked on Revenge?! Haha she loves it!! :)

Btw- your blog is great. Found it through your post on Olivia Palermo. Keep up the good writing & the great work!

Margarita said...

I Love New Girl, it's the only sitcom we really watch that's not a cartoon :) I was watching Breaking Amish, it's ok, but when you google it you realize it's so fake and many of them have been out of the amish community for many years. It's strange for TLC.