Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thursday: Blogger Pet Peeves

Music playing in the background
I love music, don't get me wrong but I might not love the same music as you. Music played in a blog sometimes scares me because I am not expecting it. I rather you provide a playlist on a player on your sidebar and if I need to listen to something while I am reading your blog, I will click on it.

I can't stand all the spam I am getting

Word Verification
I hate this because half the time I can't read the the stupid words but I'll still comment on a blog if they have this word verification. I am actually thinking of adding it because I can't deal with the Anonymous comments. Is it me or is everyone getting a sh*tload of them these days? Unless there is another way to avoid these, sorry readers, I am going to add word verification soon. Will you still comment if I do this?

When bloggers don't add their email to a comment
Nothing bothers me more when someone leaves a comment with a question or something I want to respond to but they have no email attached to their comment. Here's how to do it - How to Link your Email to your Blogger Profile. If I reply to a comment of yours, will you actually come back to check and read it? Because once I leave a comment on a blog, I never go back to check if the blogger responded to my comment.

What are some of your blogging pet peeves?


Ruthy said...

I just realized that my blogger profile was not linked with my e-mail. Good thing I have been reading all these pet peeves and now I have gone back and fixed it. My blogger profile is now linked to my e-mail. Yay! Word verification and music playing in the background are very annoying. The music one really gets me because sometimes I am sitting in lecture and I forget to turn off the volume on my laptop. Then I click on a blog page and it has damn music playing! How embarrassing is that!? Then i get busted and people realize that I was messing around and not paying attention.

Micaela said...

ha music playing in the background - YES!!!

and gosh, that word verification! i suck at it somehow and when i played the audio version, it was even worse. BUT EVEN WORSE THAN THAT-- spam anonymous comments. That's why i have approval on mine :p OF COURSE i will still comment if i have to type in a word verification :)

you really hit all of my pet peeves. other than that... nothing really comes to mind (you hit them so well :) lol)

Michelleesque said...

I definitely hate the verification thing - especially when I am commenting blogs. Those captchas are nearly impossible to read. Music that play automatically bugs me, too.

Tamara said...

First of all I want to say, thank you so very much for the hand made wallet!! I love it (and immediately after opening it my mother loved it too...she aint gettin it!) I am very sorry for not emailing you sooner in appreciation. I am not a twit, I promise Lol. As for this random thursday post I love it! Even more so since we both have the same views Lol. Im making an attempt to gain new blog friends..which means lots of blog hopping and commenting. Those verification thingamajiggers are really getting on my nerves. Nonetheless they serve a great purpose and of course I still visit and comment here if you had one :)

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

lol. Good one blarkness. I probably broke some blogger rules too. You are so right about the music in the background. Very cheesy and annoying.

Cocalores said...

I think these are pet peeves we can all agree on! =) Stop it, already!

Lin said...

If there's music playing on a blog I wont even stick around. First of all it makes the page load too slowly for my liking and secondly, it's super annoying.

I'm so glad you posted a link on how change the noreply blogger cause the more people see it & change it, the more we'll have to bitch about it :) Thanks for linking up sweets!

ellesy said...

oh i definitely agree with the background music and word verification. ironically, i didn't know i had the captcha enabled on my blog! i immediately turned it off but that being said, of course i would still comment on your blog.

i respond to all my comments on my blog but i do understand that people don't necessarily go back to check. i sometimes do and sometimes don't return to check - it usually depends on whether i remember. :)

one of my pet peeves is when clicking on a link on the blog opens up another tab or window. i can spend quite a bit of time on a blog and it annoys me to have a million tabs or windows open!

just curious - how do you feel about all lower case? i've been thinking about switching my blog so that i use proper capitalization - i actually did at one point but didn't really like the way it looked so i switched it back. but i can live with it if all lower case is annoying to readers.

sorry, long comment!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the music and also blogs that are riddled with ads (too confusing to read) or have dark backgrounds and bright fonts (hard on the eyes). fonts should be web-friendly -- these old eyes should not be squinting to read script!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I agree on both counts! lol

Lisa said...

Word verifications bug me too.