Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thursday: My Winter Survival Items

Winter, oh how I dread winter. Fall and Winter are not favorites in my book. Considering I was born up north, you would think that I am accustom to the cold and snow but no, I'm a summer girl 100%

To get me through the dark days and cold nights, I rely on the following:

good books and warm pjs
There is nothing better than staying in bed on a cold Saturday morning in some flannel pajamas and a good book that will keep you occupied until the mid-afternoon.

 hand cream and body lotion (plus a body scrub)
Scaly skin in the winter is a big no-no. I get that no one will ever see your skin with the large amounts of layered clothing, but I'll still lather on the cream and lotion after a full body scrub down.

big chunky scarves and warm hat (aka toques)
I love big scarves and also toques that are big enough to hide my hair.

movies and old TV shows
When it's too cold to head outside, there's nothing better than watching movies and old shows like Friends on TV.

comfort food
mac and cheese, pizza and pierogies plus any type of soup with some warm buttered bread

mugs and mugs of tea
Tea is so comforting during the winter.

leopard snuggie
You heard me correctly, I have a snuggie and I am not ashamed of it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random Thursday: In My Hometown...

I usually tell people that I am from Toronto but I live actually in the 'burbs, west of Toronto. It's an up and coming city and I pretty much live in the centre of what they are calling, "downtown" Mississauga.

{my own photo taken last Friday}

My city is famous for the Marilyn Monroe building. It's actually our view, it's what we see when we look out or balcony. There's Square One, which I think is the biggest mall in Ontario, I could be wrong though. Right next to Square One is Mississauga Celebration Square where they hold tons of events in the summer like yoga in the park, concerts, festivals and even now food truck events. This weekend will be the unveiling of the new skating rink and the tree lighting ceremony. We have the greatest mayor ever, Hazel McCallion. She's 91 years old and still holding down the fort. She has been the mayor for 33 years and whatever she is doing, she's doing it right. If and when she steps down, that is when I will probably want to move out of Mississauga. Although there are lots of franchise restaurants, there are some great mom & pop places to eat and we are starting to get some of the downtown vibe restos coming to the west end. One of my favorite places to eat and drink is Ten Restaurant (see some of the food I ate there). The bonus is we are only 20 minutes away from Toronto and 60+ minutes from the US border.

Here's a great article on how Mississauga is catching up to 'world class' Toronto.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I received...scarf swap

Last month I joined in the scarf swap hosted by Karen over at Celebrate Life. I was partnered up with Starlene and as worried as she was about my package arriving late, it actually arrived two days before the link up party. Seeing that I am so busy these days, I thought I should just blog about it now and with hopes I remember to link up on Friday.

I received a handmade scarf in a color that I love - wine/burgundy and earrings that I believe resemble donuts (my current obsession). Thanks Starlene for exchanging packages. I love that you made me a scarf. I hope the package that I sent to you arrives soon.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What I'm loving right now


I took yesterday off with original intentions of watching the last installment of the Twilight Saga but then I found out it was a PA Day (high school kids have the day off). After experiencing this last year -  the long line ups and screaming kids - I decided that I would still take the day off but not watch the movie. Instead, I treated myself to a 90 minute massage. Well, after that massage, I was itching to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2, so I walked over to the theatre and gave it a shot. No mass lineups but there were still the screaming kids. Since the first movie, I have taken the day off work to watch the movie and I really didn't want to break tradition so I watched it and I am so glad that I did. It was awesome. Totally not what I was expecting considering Part 1 was a dud. I can't believe the saga is over and has come to an end. The movie did give me closure and it was nice to see it come to an end the way that it did. I wasn't expecting it to be so funny and seat-gripping. When you watch it, let me know what you think without giving away any spoilers. If you are debating about watching, I strongly suggest you do. I even want to watch it again.

Do you ever get that obsession to collect certain things? Well, I wanted to collect all the eos sphere lip balms. Since we have a very limited selection in Toronto, my mom went on a goose hunt to get me all of the colours/flavours. She sent me the above photo to let me know she has completed my collection and will be mailing them to me. Isn't she awesome? I have only tried out the mint, lemon and watermelon so far, but I can't wait to try them all!

Don't you hate when you become addicted to a show only for it to get cancelled? It was like this for me for Melrose Place 2.0 and Lipstick Jungle. And now I can add Partners to the list. Only six episodes in and CBS has decided to cancel it. I don't know if this means it is cancelled as of now or if they will finish off the season. I absolutely love Michael Urie on the show, he carries it all but I am going to miss Sophia Bush. I loved her in One Tree Hill so I was happy when it was announced she would be on a new sitcom. Her style on the show is exactly how I would want to dress. I wish I could find more photos of her outfits but I had no luck. I did snap this photo below while I was watching this week's episode, which is probably the last :(

What are you loving as of lately?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thursday: 5 Things I Use Everyday...

  1. iPhone - Who can live without their smartphone? I rely on it everyday as my cell phone, my music, for social media, camera, etc. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I forgot it at home one day.
  2. Shu Uemura eyelash curler - I stopped using mascara a year ago and all I do is curl my lashes. I always have to curl them before leaving the house. It just makes my eyes look alive even though I am dead tired.
  3. Papermate Flair pens - Best pens ever!!! If you like writing in a notebook or journal, these write so smoothly and come in many colours. I have the whole set and even made a roll up holder for them.
  4. J.R. Watkins Hand and Cuticle Salve - Nothing is worse than ragged cuticles. With winter approaching, it's good to always moisturize your hands, as well as your cuticles. I apply this salve before I go to bed and before I leave the house.
  5. Cole Haan Linley Barrel Bag - I just bought this bag over the weekend and I am in love with it. I really like that I can wear it as a crossbody bag or carry it by its top handle.

So, what are five things YOU use everyday?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's okay... find Christina Aguilera disgusting. At first I was disgusted by all the weight she had gained but then when I got over my superficial self, I realized she's disgusting because she dresses like an oversized tramp. Her chubbiness is hanging out all over the place. Sure, she has a great voice but she'd be more respected if she didn't dress like a hooker all the time. no longer be upset about entering a giveaway and winning it but yet never receiving the prize. It's been close to two months and I haven't received anything except for emails indicating the package was sent and returned. She said she's mail it out again but I think she forgot...actually I'm kinda sad about it because I was looking forward to receiving my prize. totally be dreading winter. I hate the cold and snow. I'm really envious of my mom moving to California. not want healthy hair. It's also okay to miss long hair. I cut off over 8" off because my ombré hair was becoming overly dry. Now that it's gone and my hair is all super healthy, I can't stand it. It's flat, super straight and silky smooth. I don't like. turn down a free concert cruise with Young the Giant because of crazy work schedules and difficult online registration. My hubs won a free booze cruise for two to see Young the Giant (plus Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Far Easy Movement, to name a few) in concert in the Bahamas. Crazy that we can't go huh? It's called being a responsible adult...oh well. want to kick everyone in sight because you are just fed up. Maybe it's the time change, maybe it's the cold weather but this girl is just not happy. I'm so grateful that vacation is only 40 days away!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Thursday: Top 5 Must Read Blogs

It's really hard to pick five must read blogs. I read so many and they are really all my must-reads, otherwise, why else would I be following them. Please don't be offended if your blog is not listed on here. If I frequently comment on your blog, then you know that you are one of my favorite must-reads! Now I will break down my top 5 must reads blogs in 5 categories:

Food Blog | Food Junkie Chronicles
If you live in Toronto, this is the best resource tool if you need ideas or suggestions for a restaurant.

Fashion Blog | Wendy's Look Book
Impeccable style and grace. I envy her closet.

Lifestyle Blog | the little things we do
I thought that after Lauren had her baby, I would end up not following her blog (I'm not gonna lie) but it's the totally opposite. She has the most adorable baby in the world and I love watching Fern grow up. Also, Lauren's information on motherhood is so useful. If I ever have a baby, this is one blog that will help me through it all.

Beauty Blog | BlushPretty
This lovely lady is not only my BFF, she is also the guru of all things beauty.

All-around Blog | Life is Bananas
This was my must read blog. Notice how I said "was"?!?!? I recently found out that Mayra has closed up shop on blogging. Yes, it is indeed a sad day in the blogging world. She said, all good things must come to an end.

Of course, Linny's Vault is a favorite of mine, she is one of the hosts of Random Thursdays. Don't forget to follow her blog and if you want, join in on the Random Thursday fun.