Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Thursday: Top 5 Must Read Blogs

It's really hard to pick five must read blogs. I read so many and they are really all my must-reads, otherwise, why else would I be following them. Please don't be offended if your blog is not listed on here. If I frequently comment on your blog, then you know that you are one of my favorite must-reads! Now I will break down my top 5 must reads blogs in 5 categories:

Food Blog | Food Junkie Chronicles
If you live in Toronto, this is the best resource tool if you need ideas or suggestions for a restaurant.

Fashion Blog | Wendy's Look Book
Impeccable style and grace. I envy her closet.

Lifestyle Blog | the little things we do
I thought that after Lauren had her baby, I would end up not following her blog (I'm not gonna lie) but it's the totally opposite. She has the most adorable baby in the world and I love watching Fern grow up. Also, Lauren's information on motherhood is so useful. If I ever have a baby, this is one blog that will help me through it all.

Beauty Blog | BlushPretty
This lovely lady is not only my BFF, she is also the guru of all things beauty.

All-around Blog | Life is Bananas
This was my must read blog. Notice how I said "was"?!?!? I recently found out that Mayra has closed up shop on blogging. Yes, it is indeed a sad day in the blogging world. She said, all good things must come to an end.

Of course, Linny's Vault is a favorite of mine, she is one of the hosts of Random Thursdays. Don't forget to follow her blog and if you want, join in on the Random Thursday fun.


Katrin said...

I need to check out these blogs!

jessica {creative index} said...

I'm always on the hunt for new blogs! Can't wait to check these out! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Elisse said...

Good suggestions, Leesh! I'll be sure to visit these sites :)

Meghan said...

I read Lauren's blog, and I used to read Myra's - she stopped blogging??? So sad:(

Lin said...

I love reading Lauren's blog too. Thought for sure I'd stop reading after the baby came cause lets be honest, most bloggers content gets all baby crazy after having one & I just dont dig that, but her's didnt get too baby heavy which is really cool. And her FITBF link up, still one of my favorites after 2 years.

Isn't sad when a blog finally ends up closing shop? Its kind of like losing a friend. Bummer.

Thanks for linking up with us, sweets! Loved your top 5 ;)

Lisa said...

Wendy's Lookbook is one of my new addictions. Love her outfits.

ellesy said...

nice list of blogs! i currently follow wendy's lookbook and blushpretty... definitely going to check out the rest!

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVEEE Wendy's Lookbook. She is SO cute. Plus, her youtube channel is one that I watch very often!

Lauren + fern= cutest thing ever.

Wow! Mayra stopped blogging?? I had no idea!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Good list. I just joined Linny's Vault. Looking forward to Thursdays.