Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thursday: My Winter Survival Items

Winter, oh how I dread winter. Fall and Winter are not favorites in my book. Considering I was born up north, you would think that I am accustom to the cold and snow but no, I'm a summer girl 100%

To get me through the dark days and cold nights, I rely on the following:

good books and warm pjs
There is nothing better than staying in bed on a cold Saturday morning in some flannel pajamas and a good book that will keep you occupied until the mid-afternoon.

 hand cream and body lotion (plus a body scrub)
Scaly skin in the winter is a big no-no. I get that no one will ever see your skin with the large amounts of layered clothing, but I'll still lather on the cream and lotion after a full body scrub down.

big chunky scarves and warm hat (aka toques)
I love big scarves and also toques that are big enough to hide my hair.

movies and old TV shows
When it's too cold to head outside, there's nothing better than watching movies and old shows like Friends on TV.

comfort food
mac and cheese, pizza and pierogies plus any type of soup with some warm buttered bread

mugs and mugs of tea
Tea is so comforting during the winter.

leopard snuggie
You heard me correctly, I have a snuggie and I am not ashamed of it.


Meg said...

agree with all of these! love cuddling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea of hot chocolate.
I love that you have a snuggie! I saw one that was like santas suit and was so tempted to buy it!
annnnd now you've got me thinking of pierogies!

Mrs. Parker said...

Such a good reminder to stock up on some quality lotion this winter!! And I'm with you on the comfort food...nothing beats some good ol' mac n cheese!

Anonymous said...

girl, i hear you about loathing the cold. i hibernate all winter unless i have to go out. if it's errands or whatever, i send the husband to do them because even trekking to the car is too cold for me!

ellesy said...

i have a snuggie too! a zebra print one. absolutely love it but mine has holes all over it because my bunny likes to tear at it haha.

Elisse said...

The only redeeming factor about winter is that I have fun and colorful scarves and toques to keep me fashion-forward (and a very visible pedestrian).

Comfort food is a natural go-to, but I'm trying to stay clear of it as much as possible this year. Trying, being the operative word!

Lin said...

Warm pj's are must. I have two pairs of flannel pj's that I sport when it gets super cold cause the hubs doesnt like to sleep with lots of blankets or turn on the heater. A girl could freeze her ass off if wasnt for those pj's.

Scarves...dude, I'm on a roll making those things. Wore one the other day & it kept me SO warm haha.

Kasey Lynne said...

I wish I had time to read! I have such a long book's KILLING me that I can't read any of them! Send over some recommendations though!

Scarves= my favorite winter accessory.

I love you even if you do own a snuggie!