Saturday, December 1, 2012

OOAK show 2012 Haul

My very good friend Kat and I have a standing date, more like a tradition to go to the One of a Kind Christmas show every year. This year we bought our tickets early for only $7. We decided to go on opening day to avoid crowds and it was great thinking because it wasn't busy at all. We were there for about two hours with intentions of just stopping by the usual suspects (Froosh and Demo). We discovered some new vendors but also realized that a favorite of ours, Foxy Originals are no longer a vendor of the show (they have gone global!). I gave myself a budget of $50 and made a list - balsamic vinegar, hand lotion and candied apples. Here's what I ended up picking up at the show:

Samples really lure me to a booth and when the sample is so good, I need to buy. Instead of buying one bottle, I opted for the sample set. It includes Cilantro Sultra (lemon and coriander), Climaxxx (lime, garlic and cayenne), Gingerly Hot (ginger, garlic, scotch bonnets and vinegar), Sweet Surrender (mango) and Bareback Berries (cranberry and scotch bonnets). 

I know that they are definitely new to the show and I hope to see them each year because their salad dressings are to die for. I purchased one bottle of the Cranberry honey toasted sesame salad dressing and my husband and I almost finished the bottle in a week. Luckily, my co-worker was kind enough to pick me up another bottle for me when she went to the show a few days ago.

Kat and I love their stuff. Last year I bought their body butter and scrub, and also their foot cream. It did wonders for my skin. Since one of the items I wanted to buy at the show was hand cream/lotion, I decided to pick up High Five. The downfall is that it only comes in a pump and I really wanted a tube of hand cream to keep in my purse. Not a problem - I am keeping this on my desk at work instead.

We were going to just walk by this booth but the smell coming from it was so delicious, I had to stop. There were so many scents that I love - lime, peppermint smoothie, coconut - but I went with maraschino cherry in the shea butter stick. This stick makes it so easy to apply the butter without getting my hands all greasy. I wish they had a bigger tube because I am more than halfway done.

We were almost out the door when we noticed Dot & Lil. We missed out the BBF event at BlushPretty Studio featuring this company on the Tuesday prior to the show. The lovely Anne was kind enough to give Kat and I one of the leftover swag bags from the event. What a great introduction to her products. I didn't have any money left to buy anything from her booth but I will make sure I do next time.

If you went to the show, what were some of your favorite booths?


ellesy said...

looks like you picked up some great stuff! i didn't go to the OOAK show but i did go to the BFF event at BlushPretty... the Dot & Lil swag bag was amazing! i can't wait to try all the products.

Margarita said...

I Love the OOAK shows, they're always so much fun and you just FEEL good spending your money there ;)

Elisse said...

Great haul! I have some body lotion from froosh that Kat sent me last year. I've been trying to use it slowly because I love it so much!

Joanne said...

I'm looking forward to OOAK Vancouver! Definitely going to check out some of the booths you went to. I might grab me some Froosh too. ;)