Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Thursday: Item I often hoard

It's been a while since I have participated in Random Thursday. If you want to join in the fun, head over to Linny's Vault and link up. Today's topic is hoarding. I use to be a hoarder but after marriage and moving in with someone, you learn that you can't keep everything.

Washi tape - my lately obsession. I have several rolls and I want more. I will use this cute tape to put together goodie bags and packages, to decorate my notebooks and file folders, I even have a Pinterest board so I can keep track of all the cool things you can do with them. Believe me when I tell you I have more kicking around - one in my bag, one at work, one on the dining room table...

Business cards - they are all nicely inserted in a business card binder. I am so obsessed with colour combos and how creative people will get with their cards.

eos lip spheres - I love these little spherical wonders. I have ones that I will use and the ones that will just sit around and look pretty.

Handwritten letters - I still keep all the letters that were passed along to be during classes from high school. It's memories man!

Books - Before I got my e-reader, I would keep every book that I have read. Now they are all in the storage locker in huge bins. I really have to sort through them and only keep a selected few, many series books.

Cards - I have kept every birthday and Christmas card given to me. Crazy huh? I am not that bad anymore but now I keep all photo cards of birth announcements, birthdays and Christmas greetings. I figure someone spent time and money to print it, I might as well keep it as a keepsake.

What do you hoard?


Anonymous said...

one of my besties and i found an old shoebox of old school notes we used to pass to each other in grade 7 and 8. one night we had a "letter party" and opened each one, laughed our asses off and couldn't stop laughing... those truly are memories!

i wish i still had my rave book.... do you remember that? not sure if you do but i bought a plain notebook that i brought to parties with me and used to pass around to everyone when they were, you know, and make them write something and then sign their name. half the time it was illegible or didn't make sense at all but it was funny as hell reading it the next day when i was sober. i think BJ has it.

i stopped hoarding things! with kayla's stuff taking up most of the room now, i can't hoard anything else otherwise my house would explode.

Krystal said...

Aw! I have a box of letters too just sitting around! :) I love the washi tape hoarding. I have one roll and I haven't even used it!!

Lin said...

I never knew the wonders of Washi tape until recently. That stuff is not only cute as hell but it's so useful. A blog friend sent me a eos lip sphere last month & I thought it was a little easter egg haha.

It's so sweet that you keep all the handwritten letters & cards. There are a few that I've kept over the years too. Thanks for linking up!

Martha Woods said...

I hoard cards and letters, too. Don't know why, but I have a strong sentimental attachment to them!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'd like to call myself a hoarder, and I partially am, but mostly it's just that I'm lazy hahaha!

Katrin said...

I love that you collect washi tape! Where do you find yours? I never find any cute tape, I don't know why!

meg m said...

I don't. have washi tape but I want some so bad!!
love that you keep business cards, what a great way to get inspiration.
I think I have three or four of the eos lip balms. obsessed. and always looking or more lol
that's awesome you keep all your cards! I'm terrible for just throwing them out asap but I wish I kept some of the meaningful ones.
thanks for linking up!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hoard hand-written letters as well. But that's because they're such a rarity these days!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I hoard books (although with my Kindle it's not as much anymore), coffee mugs and NAIL POLISH. My nail polish collection is RIDICULOUS.