Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Update on me

Note: I'm writing this post from my iPhone

My life in the past month has been turned upside and it's all because of work. My favorite coworker upped and walked away without any notice. She had every reason to but it left my team and I in the worst possible scenario seeing it's our busiest time of the year. I've been going into work early, I've stayed late, I've brought work home and worked in the evenings and weekends. I'm spent, I'm done and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that they are planning to hire someone but nothing has happened so far. So because of this, I don't really have a life. I'm too tired to do anything. My workout schedule has gone down the drain and my eating habits are at its worst. Hopefully I will get back on track soon.

I've been able to at least catch up on some Oscar nominated movies - Les Miserables, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi and I still need to watch Thirty Dark Zero. Even with all these serious movies, I was watched Pitch Perfect and it was awesome. I loved every minute of it and it was totally not what I expected.

I've been reading Safe Haven, the movie opens tomorrow and I want to finish the book before I watch it. So far, so good. It's your typical Nicholas Sparks book. I've got lots of books to read and hopefully I'll meet my goal of 15 books for 2013.

I've become addicted to gel polish. I have been going to Polish'd Nail Bar in downtown Toronto - more on this in another post - and even though an artistic manicure is more expensive, it's worth it. It lasts close to three weeks, it doesn't chip and it dries instantly because it's cured with an LED light.

I made some robot crayons for my godson's birthday giveaways next month. I made over 140 crayons one weekend because I knew I'd be busy with work.

That's about it for now. God, my life is pretty boring. I have some blog posts in mind but I just have to sit down and write them out. It's long weekend coming up so besides sewing and doing some cleaning up, hopefully I'll be about to get some posts out.

I hope everyone is doing well. Drop me a comment and let me know how you are doing and what you are up too.


Meghan said...

I hope things get better at work! I know what it's like to have a busy season, and it sucks. I'll be thinking of you.

Did you love Silver Linings? It was my fave!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Those crayons are so cute!! Ack we still need to have dinner! As soon as your life calms down you know where to find me :) Glad you like Safe Haven. That means I will too! Need to get that one for my Kobo :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh I really hope things get better at work. My boyfriend is going through some crappy stuff at work too and it's not fun, I never know when we'll see each other and we live together!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Yikes. Sounds like work has been a nightmare. Hopefully it goes away soon.

The floral kaftan is from a store called Tucci Designer Clothing.

Have fun on the beach :) You deserve it.

Laura Darling said...

Oh no - I hope your schedule gets better soon!

Kasey Lynne said...

Lame of your (ex) co-worker. I'm sorry that work has been crazy and crappy. Hopefully by now (since I'm SO behind on my blog reading) your work has hired a replacement!!

Pitch Perfect was HILARIOUS. Rebel Wilson makes that movie.

STILL need to read Safe Haven. Have you seen the movie? What did you think?